One of my best coups at our local thrift shop was buying this elegant sofa.  It is a graceful.  It is comfortable.  It was custom-built, and it is  covered with fabric featuring birds and roses.  Anything with birds and I am besotted.   I fell in love  with it, faded fabric, rips, tears, and all.

I have already given it as much first aid as I could.  The tops of the sofa cushions were completely worn out.  I took the pillows apart, use the bottoms of the cushions to replace the tops  and a plain fabric underneath (where you couldn’t see it).  I salvaged pieces of fabric from the pillows and patched the most worn spots on the arms.   That was several years ago.  Now this grand dame of a sofa needed a fresh, new look.  I loved the original fabric so much I was reluctant to upholster it until I could find something similar.  Classic white slip covers were the answer.


There’s a fabulous looking living room in the Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson movie Something’s Gotta Give.  It has a couple of white slip covered sofas.  I had already slip covered a love seat so I was half way there.   I found the fabric in Toronto at the Designer Discount place on Queen Street West.  I bought the entire roll of fabric, enough to cover any number of pieces of furniture.  These dreary rainy winter days seemed a good time to start this project.

Embarking on a project like this is a big commitment. I virtually take over half the house.  The dining room table is required to handle the large quantities of fabric.  In fact the living room and dining room will become my workshop until the slip covers are finished.  The fabric has been washed to preshrink it.    Step one (after measuring the sofa and  sketching out the pieces to be cut) is to make the piping  I want the slip cover to fit snugly .  This is not the sofa for shabby chic.  Piping gives the slip covers a finished look and reinforces the seams.

Day One of the Slip Covers Chronicles.  I have over thirty meters of fabric ready to be formed into piping.  I always make the piping first so all the components are good to go.



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