It has been a week of relentless rain.  Today the sun shone and all was right with the world.  I practically needed hip waders to see the garden.  Day lilies, tulips, snowdrops, any number of bulbs were venturing forth.  But I wanted to check the vegetable garden.

In the fall I had planted parsnips,  and winter lettuce.  My good neighbor and friend Angela gave me leeks seeds to plant.   We also planted a row of  garlic in anticipation for generous crop in the summer.

Indeed the leeks had come up, and  I could see the tops had been neatly nibbled away by The Rabbits.   They obviously didn’t care for parsnips . Look how lush their leaves are.  The winter lettuce survived several days of below zero temperatures.   In a few weeks we’ll be making wonderful salads with their tender leaves.

Some would say “not much in the garden”.  Indeed for someone who grew up in place  where winter lasted forever, the very idea of winter gardening is nothing short of a miracle.

As for the rabbits and their taste for leek greens.  All I can say is we really have sophisticated,  gourmet rabbits here on the farm.


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