This elegant sofa is getting a fresh, crisp, new look.  Slip covers made especially for this grand dame of a sofa.

Day two I  made the piping for the slip covers.  I than measured and cut out rectangles of fabric for the various parts of the sofa.

Day three and the “fitting the cover” begins.   Any project goes better with music.  The Gipsy Kings and Guitar Music for Small Rooms is perfect.    Step one, the inside back is centered allowing lots of tuck in.

I cut the excess fabric  away from the back.

Now the seat and apron is added.

The inside arm is trimmed to fit.

The outside arm comes next.  It’s trimmed to fit.  Hmmm.  This is starting to look like a  slip cover.

This fit of the front arm piece has to be perfect.  I’ve made a pattern to be sure that both arms are precisely the same.

The front arms are pinned and trimmed.  Now comes the tricky part.  I will pin and mark all the seam lines with vanishing ink pen,  and mark the matching points for the seams.  Because I didn’t have to match a fabric design I was able to work with the wrong side of the fabric.  I will trim the seams to 5/8 in (l.5 cm), leaving a 2 1/2 in (6 cm) seam allowances at the back of the sofa for zipper openings.  Now all that remains is to sew the pieces together.

The slip cover chronicles continue…..


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