The magic started with a huge roll of fabric carried down Toronto’s Queen Street West by The Good Husband.



Yards and yards of beautiful white cotton fabric.

There is magic when you take fabric, add a slash of scissors, a mile of thread, and a sewing machine.

Alchemy of a different kind.

I like the idea that I’m a sorceress.

I wave my magic yard stick.

Mutter incantations – one hundred three inches piping, inside back, front apron.

Much stirring of the pot and presto…



A flat piece of white fabric turns into a chic outfit for my grand dame of a sofa.

I smooth the fabric across the back, tuck in around the arms.  It is going to be so elegant.

Two red square hassocks are talking to each other.

They don’t want to be left out.

Alright I say.  You’re next.  I am going to turn you into bold blocks of white.

May the magic never end.




  1. I love white…in spite of a black and white cat…tee hee…I often check in, Virginia…you are doing a mahvellous job..I am Jill’s friend and next door neighbour Judy…and missing her…since she is doing the ‘snowbird’ thing…LOL..I think you are a creative genius…OX Judy

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