The fittings are finished.  Tape measures, scissors, chalk, needles and thread all put away.   The grande dame sofa’s new look is complete.



The “little black dress” of furniture covers – the white slip cover.

Now the grande dame is fearless.

Red wine spilled.

Chocolate smeared.

Grubby fingers.

Dog’s paws.

She just smiles.  Whisk the cover off and wash it.  How absolutely relaxed and perfect.

What goes with this “little black dress” of a sofa cover?

Almost anything.


The grande dame sofa is feeling like summer in Provence.



Perhaps an afternoon in Thailand.


I think the kimona obi  look is rather fetching.


Then again exotic India is rather splendid.


Or a vibrant flame of color.  Perfect against the white.


Ooh la la.  I’ve found my look.  So very, very chic.  So very, very Parisian.

Such a happy ending to the slip cover chronicles.



  1. Hi Virginia…it’s Jill’s friend Judy…I often “pop”
    in for a visit…love your creativity…you’re doing
    great things with your blog…had a wee chat
    with Jill…she doesn’t want to come home !!

    yet!! Tee Hee….Judy

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