My story about my fascination with the grande dame Minnie Jones has created some interest in her life.  Nancy, one of my blog readers wrote and asked me about her.  This is what happened to Minnie Jones.

She started her taxi business with two drivers.  One, an older gentleman and the other a young returning veteran.  He had been mustered out early because of injuries.  He returned to his home town, Prince Albert, and was hired by Minnie to drive taxi.  Minnie was an astute business woman, and the veteran was a hard worker. The business flourish.

Eventually  it became evident this was more than a business relationship.  Minnie married the young man.  She retired from the taxi business.  Minnie always had a collection of animals on her small acreage,  various cats and dogs (all rescue animals), chickens and a couple of geese.   But it was her goats that gave Minnie the greatest enjoyment.  She milked them and shared the hard-to-come goat’s milk with those who needed it.

I moved away from my home town.  Years later I heard that Minnie Jones had died.  Her husband died shortly after.  I understand their rather considerable estate benefited the humane society.  Minnie was still rescuing animals even after her death.


    • You are correct Nancy. There’s a couple of lessons. Firstly never pre-qualify anyone. The salesman in the car showroom made an expensive mistake. Secondly, follow your heart, it knows the way. And thirdly, how could you not love a woman who took in strays – animals and humans.

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