Paris is a place outside of time.

I visit frequently.

I stroll the streets.  Turn the corner and walk into enchanted dreams.

Paris is my state of mind.

My suitcases are always packed.

A jumble of exquisite memories.

Souvenirs of the mind scattered through our home.

Closing my eyes I can smell again the wonderful dusty perfume of old books in the stalls on Quai Saint Michel.

A pillow preserving the memory of time passed.

A gift from my Darling Amy.

Post cards from Paris.  So important, so personal,  they are always on display.

Emotions carved out of marble.

It is the small memories that forever fill your mind.

I will always have Paris.



6 thoughts on “PARIS MEMORIES

  1. One does not visit Paris, Paris takes you in. Paris will let you have you very own fantasy …. this is best depicted in Woody Allen’s film “Midnight in Paris”. I feel like Gil Pender, every time I arrive

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