“The time has come” the walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes

and ships

and sealing wax

of cabbages and kings”  …

– Lewis Carroll

Thrift Shop and Flea Market shopping is rather like tumbling into Alice in Wonderland.  You may come away with Chanel shoes, a ship in a bottle or in my case  CABBAGES.

It was the color of the glaze that caught my eye.  A luscious, luxurious, garden green.

The green was partly buried in a basket of odds and ends of crockery.

It beckoned from across the shop.

“Whatever it is, I’ll buy it.  Just for the colour,” I thought.

Wonder of wonders.  Not only was it a magnificent shade of green, it was a bowl, plate and lid in the shape of a cabbage. I collect china and crockery in the shapes of fruit, flowers and vegetables.  I turned the cabbage leaf plate over and read the inscription “Holland Mold”.   The price for the three-piece set $2.00.

Later I researched Holland Mold on the Internet.  It was an American company founded in l946 by Frank Hollender, an Austrian immigrant who learned mold making in his native land.  His company produced Holland Mold pottery for arts and crafts people to glaze and fire for themselves.  Every piece of Holland Mold is not only vintage “but one of a kind”.

I found many photographs  on the Internet of this particular mold but none was as  beautiful painted and glazed.  The heyday for Holland Molds was in the 1970’s.  The average price for the cabbage bowls was around $40.00 for the two pieces.  My cabbage has the plate as well.  It was half -price- day when  I found my cabbage set .  It cost $l.00

“And why the sea is boiling hot

And whether pigs have wings.”

-Lewis Carroll  l872

Now I just have to find a flying pig.


2 thoughts on “OF CABBAGES AND KINGS ….

  1. It’s gorgeous! That green is my very favourite colour, and I’ve looked at similar ‘new’ items so often. What an amazing find. Don’t you just love a second-hand steal like this?

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