I fell in love with this vintage French  graphic design on THE GRAPHICS FAIRY.  It couldn’t be more French with the bee and the crown.  Pillows like this are not easy to find, and when you do they are rather pricy.  It’s really simple to create these designs yourself using T-Shirt transfer paper for ink jet printers.

After downloading your image be sure to flip or reverse the image.

I found the transfer paper at Staples office supplies.  Most craft stores also carry it.

The instructions are very clear and easy to do.  You just need your fabric, a hot iron, and a pillow slip.  After you transfer your design to the transfer paper you trim around the design as closely as you can.  Center you design on your pillow, ink side down, or course.  Press with a hot iron without steam.  Read your instructions carefully before you start,  different sized designs require different ironing time.  Let your fabric cool, then remove.  Voila!!

I wanted my pillow to have a very polished, elegant look so I used self-piping, then trimmed the pillow with Coco Chanel inspired black ribbon.

You can buy plain white pillows at Ikea if you are not a seamstress but it will be awkward putting on the ribbon trim.  Miter the corners for a finished look.

You can NEVER have too many pillows.  My new pillow is perfect with the stripes and toile.  I am going to cruise The Graphic Fairy to find a complimenting design.

My very old wicker chair has a companion.  I’ve rocked many hours in this chair.  Singing my children to sleep.

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques

Dormez vous?  Dormez vous?

Sonnez les matines,

Din, din, don

Din, din, don.

I shall search for something appropriate,  and make the perfect pillow for this important rocking chair.


  1. Beautiful pillows, I have seen many images I would love to put on a pillow from the Graphics Fairly. Thank you for this I have wanted to make some pillow transfers I didn’t know it would be this easy I intent to give this a go thank you so much Dxx

  2. I’ve been thinking of how to use a lot of those typographies on The Graphics Fairy without mod podge or a transfer method that needs a laser jet printer…a little light bulb just went off in my head after seeing your post! Thank you so much.

    • I found the fabric at Designer Outlet on Queen West. Toted home 25 yards of white fabric to make a slipcover for my sofa. Of course I had a few yards left over so pillows it is. Virginia

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