A RABBIT TEACHES ME HOW TO PRIORITISE …. and put the magic back in my day

PRIORITISE:  To arrange items to be attended to in order of their relative importance.

October is a lovely time of year in the lower mainland.  The days are crisp sunny.  Flowers are still putting on a show.   I have a laundry list of things to accomplish today.  But first a stroll around the garden.  I lift my face to the sun.  Bask in its warmth.   I’m not alone.   A  gentleman rabbit, who has been helping me harvest beets all summer, was taking the rays under a hydrangea bush. Startled he took two giant hops into the driveway.  Then froze.  If he didn’t move I wouldn’t see him.  “Take the sun” I say. “You’ve a difficult,  cold winter ahead”. I walk back into the house.  Forget the laundry list.     It is magic I need today.  I need to be sewing velvet winter coats for rabbits.

The gentleman rabbit needs a rich velvet jacket.  Something with gold epaulettes.

In red velvet.

With a pocket for his watch.

And a  hat.  Surely Craig’s List would have a top hat to fit a rabbit.

Check under  Magicians  for a  top-hat, barely used by one rabbit.

Or perhaps something more military, more dashing.


For Mahitabel Rabbit, his sister,   a royal purple or perhaps moss green  velvet cape.

With a deep hood to keep  enormous ears warm.

Lined with ivory silk

Ruched and gathered.

And a tiny pocket for a purse embellished with for- get-me-nots.



The magic is back in my day.  I have prioritized.


10 thoughts on “A RABBIT TEACHES ME HOW TO PRIORITISE …. and put the magic back in my day

  1. What comes from your imagination never ceased to amaze. As mentioned previously, it keeps me young at heart, which is a rare gift to give.

    Those of us in your circle are indeed fortunate.


  2. Like Alice, I have fallen madly for your rabbit!! And his wardrobe. With gold buttons. Oh, my. I’m so very jealous! I want one! I adore your line: “Take the sun.” Gorgeous line. Gorgeous thought! I’m now off to hop on over to your other rabbit stories. Now this is a magical way to start the week. Thanks for the grin! Theadora

  3. I scrolled back to the first of your Oswald posts, so that I could start from the beginning. I have an affinity for rabbits (I’ve got one living IN my home) and your tale looks wonderfully imaginative.

    • That October day was my first meeting with Oswald. Living in the country wild rabbits are my constant companions. There is a warren deep under an enormous cedar bush just outside my kitchen window.

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