Several months ago I began writing a fairy tale for adults.  It is indeed allegorical.   But who is to say it is not real.   Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Those who believe in magic will see Oswald, the gentleman rabbit. Oswald is visible in that split second before he puts his watch in his magic pocket, and takes the human form of  “those-who-live-above”.

My good friend Ellen believes in magic.  Because she believes she sees what non-believers do not.    She discovered Oswald in a crowded gift shop.  He was on this “magic button”.

My long time friend, Biscuit,  who believes in fairies and magic  found Oswald tucked amongst some greeting cards.

Oswald is in my heart and in my soul.   He lights a path for me on dark, dark days.  He takes me away to secret places.  He is my alter ego. I share Oswald’s adventures.

I wrote about Oswald for my own enjoyment.  To my delight I discovered he was also enchanting  many others.  This is the final chapter on BEL’OCCHIO but it is not the end of Oswald.  The Good Husband has encouraged me to turn the adventures of this amazing rabbit into a book or perhaps several books.   In my book  Oswald’s  latest adventure involves rescuing domestic rabbits who have been abandoned by their owners.   The book is a work in progress and it most certainly is a labour of love.


It’s everywhere.

You just have to believe.

P.S.  As are many things in fairy tale the beginning of the story of Oswald at the end.  Please scroll way down to read about how Oswald came about.  Then you can read his stories consecutively – or not.


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