This is not a subject women like to talk about.   A few weeks ago I mustered up my courage to speak openly about a surgical procedure I had just under gone.  As a result of this blog I was contacted by a medical site in the United States.  They asked if I would consent to do an interview and talk about the procedure.  Of course.! I had gone this far and if I could help just one women then my blog would be a success.    I recently learned that a woman in Alaska  is taking steps to become a “free woman”.   I wish her much success and a less stressful life.

Go to the  site below for my frank interview and more information. (home page) or to your story page (


My original post ….

It has been three weeks since my surgery.    Like many woman I endured urinary incontinence for many years.  I’ve had two children and am in my seventies.   I am thrilled to say I no longer obsess over bathroom locations when shopping.  I am not constantly sending pants to the dry cleaners.  I am now a liberated woman and it is wonderful.  I feel it is important to share this information with the woman who read my blog.

One of the biggest unresolved issues in the treatment of female  urinary incontinence is women’s reluctance to discuss the issue with their doctors.  Those commercials for Depends don’t help either.  Do you really, really want to spend the rest of your life wearing diapers even if you can dance in them?  By talking about the problem more women can get the treatment they need so incontinence doesn’t have to interfere with their daily lives.

There are several treatment options depending on the type of urinary incontinence.   This is something you will have to discuss with your doctor.   My surgical procedure was the insertion of  a sling.  The surgery took 15 minutes, and I was home a few hours later.  My surgical procedure is a couple of years old.  It was performed by the doctor who had perfected it,  Dr David Wilkie, MD FRCSC, Clinical Professor, Vancouver Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery.   You can read about it on his website.

Please share this information with your friends so they know an issue most women have endured is one that usually can be successfully treated.


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