The perennial garden was long over due for a make-over.  Two dying  rhododendrons,  more than thirty years old,  needed removal.     It was a grunt job that would take The Good Husband several hours of deep digging.

The log retainers need removal, also.   This was going to take all day.

“Not so” said my friend and neighbor.  We’ll bring in the big guns.

The Good Husband and the Good Neighbor hustle the logs away.

This will be the first tree to be removed.  Good Neighbor Perry will finesse the job without damaging the Japanese maple.

Thirty minutes later – the deep-rooted rhododendrons are cleared.   We were  so grateful to  Good Neighbor Perry who took the time to bring in “the big guns”.  And,  He has another present for me –  several loads of well rotted manure and earth.   Nothing makes a gardeners heart beat faster than a load of manure. It promises to be a glorious new garden.  Bring on summer.

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