Tucked away in a crowded consignment shop fellow treasure- hunter Dellis and I spotted this charming naif  oil painting.

The strong faces of the women,

The yawning young boy,

The popcorn man and his brilliant wagon,

Made us smile.

They said “take us home,

Hang us on your wall”.




Church is over.

Families visit outside St. Irene Chrysovalantou Greek Orthodox Church at Danforth and Gough in Toronto.






The back of the painting had a little information.  D.S. Payne had painted this in November 1987.

Payne has captured the essence of Toronto in this vignette of life in Greek Town.

Toronto is my second home.

I love the strongly defined ethnic neighborhoods.   In Toronto I live close to the Portuguese and Italian neighborhoods.  When we want great Greek food we go to the Danforth.

It’s what Toronto is all about.

A wonderful mosaic of ethnic neighborhoods.  Each an adventure waiting to be explored.


Memories hanging on the wall.

Sunday in the Danforth.

Indeed, a treasure.







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