The morning sunshine was brilliant.  The air so crystal clear the mountains looked close enough to touch.   A perfect day for a picnic.  The perfect place  – beside a mountain lake, Murrin Lake,  south of Whistler.

An hours drive North on the Sea to Sky Highway and we were there.  The views on Highway 99 are nothing shore of spectacular – the ocean on one side of the winding road – towering mountains on the other.

Murrin Lake, a tiny emerald jewel sparkled and glittered.  Rainbow trout impudently jumping.  A perfect place for a picnic lunch.

We grabbed  the sun, nibbling on cheese and crusty bread.

Then off for another adventure.  We were going to The Smoke Bluffs.  The Good Husband wanted to show me the places where he climbed.  I was familar with all the wonderful names of the climbs  – Burgers and Fries, Sally Five Fingers,  Crime of the Century, Foot in the Gravy, Frying Brownies,  now I had the opportunity to see them.

This is Penny Lane.

And this is Flying Circus.

It  was a Zen moment.  The only sounds the clinking of a rack and the soft spoken words of the climbers.   A perfect ending for a perfect day.


4 thoughts on “PICNIC AT MURRIN LAKE

    • Yes Vivien, It has been quite quite a few years since The Good Husband and I went off on a picnic – just the two of us. I was so excited when he suggested it. I was thrilled to tiny little bits. Virginia

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