This altered book is adorned with roses,  poetry from The Rhubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,  bits of vintage lace, feathers, and illustrations from a  Moliere book.   I created it for my dear friend Jilly.   All that she is, is in this book.

The cover of this Birthday Book adorned with vintage velvet flowers

The pages whisper of love and romance.

Gilded words beguile, enchant.

And whisper of long, forgotten days.

Mysterious pages of a long ago romance.

A fairy tale romance never to be forgotten.

(I rescued an old school book to make this altered book.  The books I use for my projects would end up in the landfill.  This way they are given a new life and create much enjoyment.)



  1. A touching story of friendship. I appreciate the joy you felt in finding the perfect gift for your friend, Biscuit; she must have felt your love when she received her gifts. Your altered books are beautiful; would you please tell us a little more about them such as what got you started and now you find your materials……also can’t wait to see what those candle sticks will look like once you have worked your magic. Please remember to show us. I really enjoy your blog……..arizona

  2. What a treasure. I love this book. I’ve been enjoying studying the layers, traces and textures. Adding the cloth was a brilliant touch. It really brings the flowers, words and au courant garb to life. A book for the senses!! Theadora (I’m also looking forward to seeing your candle work!) I just spotted the perfume label. Ah! Beautiful!!

    • A million thanks for your appreciation Theadora of this altered book. I’ve collected ephemera all my life but didn’t know why until I discovered altered books. Altered books are my fantasy world. One I can share with like minds.

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