Early morning at my computer.  I have this feeling I’m being watched.

Through the glass patio doors a tiny head with big ears and even bigger eyes.  A baby rabbit so small he is sitting up on his haunches  to look through the glass.   I gasp.  It’s a precious moment.

What must he be thinking? Is this his Rabbit Through The Looking Glass moment?   Am I his Alice?  Where is the Mad Hatter?

Slowly I reach for my camera.  Oooops!   He’s running away.  Back to rabbit hole.  Such a joyful way to start my day.




  1. I also saw a small rabbit today on the way to the bus stop in the morning (not sure it was a baby though). It cautiously ran across the road, then stopped in a yard, just past the sidewalk. A gentleman walking towards me actually veered off the sidewalk into the road so as not to scare the thing (though it still ran away when he came closer).

  2. What a sweet little fluffy friend come to visit you : ) When I see tiny bunnies in my yard…they’re usually nibbling on my hostas.They think I’ve planted them a salad bar : ) Have a lovely day!

    • So that’s what my bunnies think of my garden. They consider the beautiful heads of lettuce there very own salad bar. I’ve planted lots to share with my furry friends. V.

      • Baby bunny has been a guest at the home of Oswald, gentleman rabbit. He was told not to go into Virginia’s vegetable garden. Not because he wasn’t welcome, but because the pair of eagles living close by would have him for breakfast. Oswald said it was OK to watch me through the patio doors. This is safe territory.V.

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