I met Edward Bun again today.  He was coming from the vegetable garden. Edward Bun is the tiny bunny who watches me through the patio doors.

I was heading to the garden to check on the status of our lettuce.   The neighborhood rabbits have been tucking up to the salad bar.  The lettuce was being descimated.

Next-door-neighbor and good friend Angela had covered the lettuce with webbing.  But to no avail.  The mesh had been pulled back and the salad bar was back in business.  Interesting.  Edward Bun is far to tiny to accomplish this.  I see the paw of Oswald, Gentleman Rabbit,  in this escapade.

Oswald resides in a deep, deep, very deep rabbit hole.  His burrow is quite sumptuous.    Oswald does appreciate the good things in life.   He adores throwing spectacular parties.



And always orders the finest vegetarian food hampers from Fortnum and Mason.   Now he is sharing the very best lettuce with the bunnies on the block.  Our lettuce.

Here’s a little known fact about rabbits.  They only nibble on the early, tender lettuce leaves.  So if Angela and I are going to be able to harvest lettuce for our salads we are going to have to safe guard the tender plants.  The Good Husband has fastened the netting down with tent pegs.   Even Oswald will not be able to pull these up.  We’ve left a lettuce or two for the rabbits for in this world, as in the rabbit world, you must share with others.

Edward Bun will grow up under the sheltering eye of Oswald, Gentleman Rabbit.

In the cold, dark winter nights, deep in the ancient burrow,  they’ll sit in front of the fire in the library.  Oswald will read to him about the ways of the world while they warm their rabbit feet.  Perhaps Edward will grow up and choose to wear a magic coat.

If you haven’t met Oswald, Gentleman Rabbit, read about him and his adventures in the category column on the right.  THE CHRONICLES OF OSWALD, GENTLEMAN RABBIT.

25 thoughts on “CHRONICLES OF OSWALD, GENTLEMAN RABBIT …Edward Bun comes to call

  1. I love the little critters that come to our yard! We once had a rabbit I named “Q-Tip” because his little tail reminded me of a Q-Tip swab.

    We also get groundhogs (the year there was a litter of 4 babies was priceless), chipmunks, squirrels and all kinds of birds.

    • Q.T. sounds like the name of an executive rabbit with a very important position in a security firm. Now I have never seen groundhogs around here but I know I would love them. Do spill the beans about your pets, past and present. We had two Norwegian Forest cats, who shared the same grand-mother, Turkey. Unfortunately Turkey was stepped on by a cow. But she did have cats of the most splendid personalities. Syble and Basil each lived for twenty years. They were our furry children. Virginia

      • Aww, they sound great! I have two cats — Billy and Derick. I had them since they were kittens. They are now 16 and 18. Billy is a cute, normal cat. Derick challenges your intellect! I swear, there is a human being trapped inside Derick!

      • Derick sounds like our Basil. It took Basil 16 years to teach us the meow for “I want or I would like”. I’m glad he never gave up. Virginia

  2. Oh, my greatness. What a mystery. I love the Bunny tales! Where is Nancy Drew in Wonderland when you need her? Virginia, the photographs are fantastic! How old is the new-B.? Will Oswald share the name of his tailor with Edward? What a great way to start the weekend. Merci!! T.

    • Edward Bun is three weeks old. He is fast growing out of all his clothes. Oswald will take him to his tailor the next time he is in London. After all there is nothing Oswald likes better than a well dressed rabbit. May you have a magnificent week-end Theadora. Virginia

    • With Edward Bun hopping in and out of my life I am having trouble NOT writing about the Oswald connection on my blog. Oswald is taking over my life and suggesting what I should do. I never planned to have Edward Bun join the gang in the burrow. Virginia

    • I understand your concern. At the bottom of the field from our house two eagles have an enormous nest. They were there long before we arrived to live in this romantic farm house. That’s why I really don’t get upset about any thing the rabbits do. And why I have quite fallen in love with Oswald. He is my alter ego. It’s why I am so happy to share him with all who read my blog. Virginia

      • They sound so sweet! I am sure we will make friends with a lot of the animals we have on the plantation. We have already named our two osprey that have their nest on one of our chimney. James and Dolley

      • Well, Dolley is kind of a loud and out there, just like her name sake Dolley Madison. And James is more quiet and laid back just like James Madison. So the names suit them to a “t”.

    • It is “those who live above” like you that makes it possible for Oswald and now Edward Bun, to make this life journey. They welcome you with open paws. Love Virginia

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    • I’m blushing. As is Oswald. His rather large ears are a deep pink. Thank you Nikki for the lovely words. It has been my pleasure to share this journey to The Hague, with you. Virginia

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