WANDA’S PIE IN THE SKY … a sour cherry pie adventure!



This eating a slice of pie is no small thing.  It is an undertaking of great importance.  The crust must be perfection.  Buttery rich.  Shattering into a million flakes as your fork slides through it.  And the filling.  The filling must have the exact balance of sour and sweet, juice and fruit.  The whipped cream – not too much to over-power the pie.  Just enough to create another layer of  richness and texture.  A bit of gilding the lily.  This is pie perfection.  This is Pie In the Sky.  This is pie one dreams about but almost never, ever encounters.



Sour cherry pie seducing me in all its glory.



Raspberry Rhubarb promising unspeakable delights.



Very Berry pie that’s the bee’s knees!



Pies that take you down the garden path to untold pleasures



Pies that promise eternal paradise at the end of a fork.



Earthly delights await you at WANDA’S PIE IN THE SKY.



WANDA THE PIE PRINCESS.  Creator of these perfect pies.  Her secret?  There’s a tiny bit of Wanda in every pie in this pie shop of perfection.




Wanda and her bakers work their magic. It is pure alchemy as  huge blocks of butter, mountains of flour, gallons of pie fillings become splendid  pies of the highest order.




No ordinary woman this Wanda.  She shares her recipes with those who wish to attain perfection in baking.



In the hurly burly of  Toronto’s Kensington Market on Augusta Avenue WANDA’S PIE IN THE SKY promises you perfection on a pie plate.



Wanda has filled a brown paper bag with croissants, almond croissants  of indescribably lightness and richness.  A gift to sustain us  for our flight home to Vancouver. WANDA’S PIE IN THE SKY is truly heaven on a pie plate.









15 thoughts on “WANDA’S PIE IN THE SKY … a sour cherry pie adventure!

  1. I love, love sour cherries. Every Saturday lately, I buy two small baskets at the farmers’ market with the strong intention to come home and make my mom’s cherry pie. However, for some reason (I eat them all fresh), I never get to make this pie….


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    • Laurel, I think it is time for all of us to get back to pie baking. The thing about pies – the more you make them the better you get. I can vouch for that. Vriginia

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