Meet the angels in my life.

I have a  love affair with angels and putti(cherubs).  Their faces  intrigue me.  Late one  Christmas Eve I was shopping for flowers on South Granville in Vancouver,  and discovered this putti .   White plaster waiting to morph into something wonderful.  I  painstakingly gold leafed her.  It was time-consuming work but I was so enchanted with her face it was a joy to bring out her beauty.

You can’t see this putti’s face but he has an adorable tummy and dimpled knees.  Another white plaster  cherub that I found in a thrift shop.  I painted and aged it until it looked like perhaps, just perhaps, I have found it in an old casa in Italy.




I found this putti with downcast eyes and a sad expression in a Thrift Shop.  She was a little battered so I gave her a face lift with a marble finish.



I plan to fill the urn these cherubs are holding with lavender.  Another white plaster object that I gave my “famous” French finish.



More faces, more tummies  and another of my antique, distressed paint creations



It was the week before Christmas.  Market day forty years ago  in a remote village in Mexico.  Beautiful Daughter and I were shopping.  She bargained for a tin lantern and I found these rustic angels.



This angel is  Matilda.  A gift from Titan haired daughter-in-law.  Her job is to guard my sewing room. She makes me smile.



An angel from Italy.  For years she graced the top of our Christmas Tree.  I couldn’t bear to continue to  hide her beauty in a box for eleven months of the year.  Now she guards my book.


As for the putti who almost got away …


This is Francis.    Francis was plain brown paper mache when I discovered him.     I created  several looks  for him.  The first year he was aFrench putti,  pale gray brushed with white.  The next year he took on a new persona and I gave him a marble finish.   The following year I thought something rustic, something to wreath with pine boughs. and holly, and a few white roses.   So Frances was painted an earthy ocher.   I hung Francis on my front door for several  Christmases.

Last Christmas I wanted a wreath lush with pink and scarlet roses,  and velvet ribbons.  There was no place for Francis.  Perhaps it was time he returned to the Thrift Shop, and a new adventure.

I was unloading him from the car to take him into the Shop when The Good Husband asked what I was doing.  I told him.    “No” says The Good Husband, “No angel EVER leaves our house”.  So dear friends that’s the story of Francis the putti that almost got away.   It’s also the story of  a man who is gentle, caring, loving, and who can always find room for one more putti.


    • That’s the interesting thing about Angels, Christy. I now have two that seem to hover from room to room. I’m looking for the right place. The moment hasn’t arrived. Meanwhile I polish their sweet faces and promise them a permanent place. Virginia

  1. After reading about your angel collection, I was reminded of a funny moment during our winter wedding, inside the Heidelberg Castle Chapel (Germany). Our young ring bearer, who speaks several languages, including his mother’s native Indian tongue, was quite amused by the bare bums of the Baroque cherubs that he spotted on the ceiling. During the service, his mother had to keep him quiet, because he was making mischievous comments, though in a language that most didn’t understand. 🙂

  2. This is a lovely collection. It makes me happy to read that each little treasure has it’s own story . Of places and people and times. They have truly become members of your family. Real design has purpose and meaning….decorating is just stuff you brought home because it was the right color or size. Virginia …you are a designer. : ) No design for me today…my son has his friend over for a few nights and we are having lot’s of fun eating popcorn and watching movies and playing games…but it’s better to fill your house with memories than stuff right??? Ginny

    • Ginny, you are completely in tune with me. I have a lime green (ugly colour) plastic pail. We would use it to wash dishes in when camping with our 10 year old son. I still have it more than 30 years later, much to the delight of our son. He took it on a camping trip. Who knew plastic could last so long. Virginia

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