These decadent, rich, almost shortbread- like cookies have just a few ingredients, and are easy to make.  Serve them with a pitcher of icy cold lemonade and you will have a perfect summer afternoon treat.  I absolutely guarantee you won’t be able to eat just one!  All the details on Mrs.

27 thoughts on “MAPLE WALNUT COOKIES

  1. Hi Virginia! These little morsels look extra tasty. Before we went vegan I used to make shortbread for my sweeties. I never thought to add walnuts. Any chance you would let me pay for an order of these to be shipped? I have made lots of great little handcrafted cookie and treat bags and I think my pics would be extra special with these lovelies inside. Let me know…I have paypal or I could send you a check…then ship them after the check clears. Of course I’ll have to add a nice link to your blog as well. : ) Thanks so much in case you say yes : ) Ginny

  2. Morning virginia,, these look gorgeous and I love shortbread so i am sure these will go down well.. the moment I make another batch of butter i shall pop over for the recipe! c

    • Maple pancakes, maple on ice cream, maple on scones, maple on biscuits, and it smells so good so let’s dab a little on our wrists so we smell amazingly good. Virginia

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