Far away and once upon a time a wedding day begins …

It begins in a land where  fairy tale houses are distillers of magic potions …

Follow the yellow brick road.  Follow the  yellow brick road.

Please knock if wonderland is closed.

The search for the magic elixir begins.

Is this the potion that promises a long and marvelous marriage?

The bottle on the left.  It holds a million promises.  They’ve chosen wisely.   A glorious way for the wedding guests to start the feast.

When the sun begins to set  the beautiful princess will marry her handsome prince.

Together they walk into their future.

And they will live happily ever after.

(scenes from Cait and Angus get married)


20 thoughts on “A FAIRY TALE WEDDING

      • How did you know? 🙂 We are actually having a family picnic this Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. It is going to be my husband’s family only, but I am going home for two weeks in September and I will see my parents and my sister.

        Thank you very much for the wishes! The sun is shining, it is not too hot, it is Friday, life is beautiful.


      • Daniela, if it isn’t too personal where is”home”? I find it interesting that no matter how long one is married, or lived in one place, going “home” has a whole different meaning. V.

      • My home is Brasov, Romania …. in the heart of Transilvania.

        Yes, I agree with you. I have been living in New York for the past 10 years, but in my heart, my home will always be in the small city where I grew up.


    • It will be interesting to see how my serious grand-daughter (she’s a lawyer), feel about being called a fairy princess. For indeed she was that day. Virginia

      • She is most beautiful and I cannot imagine that any grand-daughter of yours would not relish in your love and attention………..she is a fairy princess and even if her serious outside may not show it the little girl who lives in her heart will be smiling from ear to ear!

      • Chefy, you simply say the most delightful things. Have a wonderful week-end. Drink a lovely summer wine, perhaps a rose from Provence, listen to Buena Vista Social Club, count the stars. Virginia

    • The area the wedding took place is a very old settled part of Southern Ontario. The brides dress was a l930 look. And, possible the most exquisite gown I have every seen.

    • The area the wedding took place is a very old settled part of Southern Ontario. The brides dress was a l930 look. And, possible the most exquisite gown I have every seen.

  1. Lovely photos and location for a fairy tale wedding…..I hope the bride and groom have many fairy tale days and nights ahead in their lives together!

    Pam (with Sam on my lap)

    • Pam and dear furry Sam, I sewed magic spells of happiness forever into their wedding present. It brought us so much joy to be with them on their wedding day. Virginia

  2. What a sweet trip into a magical fairy world. Bet of luck to the newlyweds…hopefully they will have a life as beautiful as your pictures. Thanks for sharing : ) Ginny

  3. absolutely gorgeous and wondrous photos.. you have such talent for romance. And knowing a little more about you makes me respect your work and your words all the more. Morning Virginai. You are my brave star! And now I am off to look at the ice cream recipe!! c

    • I am an incurable romantic Cecila. And this wedding, in a vineyard, with the dinner held inside next to enormous vats of wine was so romantic and intimate. Just the immediate family and the very closest of friends. Virginia

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