Very, very early this Sunday morning.  So early the sun hadn’t colored the mountains or swept the dew from the grass Ratty sat at my  breakfast table.

Last night, cradled in my Brother’s arms, I was introduced to Ratty.  Discarded and forlorn he had been donated to a fund-raising garage sale.  He never made it to the sale table for my Brother saw him and Ratty became his.

Ratty was in need of a little first aid.  Knowing my ability to sew magic coats for rabbits Brother of Mine entrusted Ratty to me. Now he was eating corn flakes.  He wanted to go to the river.  I insisted a good breakfast is the way to start your day, no matter how early it is.

The river was calling to Ratty.  The river bank and the hopes of finding a boat.  For Ratty there is nothing so wonderful as messing about in boats.

(With great admiration and sincere apologies to Kenneth Grahame  for borrowing from one of my favorite books  “Wind in the Willows”.

22 thoughts on “MESSING ABOUT IN BOATS

  1. Ratty looks quite content with his bowl of corn flakes….and certainly much LESS ratty than when he arrived at your door in your brother’s arms! I love his outfit – he’s got tons of personality!


    • The problem is Alfred (aka Ratty) has quite taken a liken to life in the country. We are close to the river, and the Wild Wood is just far away enough not to be scary but close enough to visit Badger . At night he can hear Mr. Toad’s friends croaking in the garden. My brother is going to have to come up with some pretty interesting stuff to compete with all this. Virginia

      • Ratty Can “hang out” with Basil our resident BBQ rat (another story). I saw him scurring about in the arbour today. Nothing like a city rat to show him how to survive in the burbs.

  2. Hi dear Sister. Has poor Ratty undergone his surgery? His poor leg was hanging on by a thread! it would be shame if i have to give him a wooden one. However he could then be a Pirate in his boat. Arrrgh…

    • Brother of Mine. Alfred (aka Ratty) had surgery immediately, and now his leg is perfect. So much so that not only has he walked down to the river in the hopes of messing about in boats, he has also had an adventure in the Wild Woods He loves the farm and would like to spend a few more days here. Alfred (Ratty) would like me to make a velvet jacket for him. All the rabbits on the farm wear velvet jackets. XXOO Sister Jean

      • Dear Sister,

        Since his surgery was so sucessful I shall imediately stop all wooden leg carving. A nice piece of elm, which would have evenually turned a lovely grey, was to be his prosthetic. Oh well. It will make a lovely knewl post. I would think that green velvet with patch pockets and doeskin elbows would be suitable atire for one such as Alfred.
        Brother James

      • Interesting. That was what Alfred had in mind. He was thinking “faded country gentleman”. Leave the gold braid and buttons and silk shirt to Mr. Toad. Jean

    • Ratty (other wise know as Alfred) is sitting beside me at the computer. He’s quite determined to read ALL comments about him. He’s also equally determined to go down to the river today. He is still looking for a boat to mess about with. Virginia

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