II DOLCE FAR NIENTE – the sweetness of doing nothing

It is a perfect day in the country.   A seductive whisper of a breeze carried the perfume of freshly cut hay drying in the brilliant sunshine.    I sipped my freshly brewed French press coffee on the front patio.  This is our version of a front porch.  We watch the world and our neighbors drive by.  Friends and even total strangers wave.

Today I am doing absolutely nothing.  I am taking time to celebrate the one week anniversary of the best news in the world.  The heavy specter of  cancer is history.  Five years of this has left its mark. Now I am doing everything in my power to erase it.  Today is the sweetness of doing nothing.

This is a modern extravagance.  The luxury of time.  It is not idleness.  It is not inactivity.  It is not navel gazing. This is the state of being contemplative.

The sweetness of doing nothing.

32 thoughts on “II DOLCE FAR NIENTE – the sweetness of doing nothing

    • Pat I so appreciate your thoughts. You have personally been on this journey and know the blackness of it. You also understand the part I am unable to speak about. Perhaps one day I will have the courage. Virginia

  1. Virginia…if anyone deserves a day to lounge and soak up the sunshine it’s you : ) A time for introspection and breathing out all the negative energy from the last 5 years. The flowers are lovely as always and the coffee sounds magnificent! Hope you enjoy. BTW….I found your poor little lost email…had gone to my junk mail and was undetected…so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. If you would like to choose a card that I have created in exchange for your tasty care package I will be delighted to send it. Extra thoughts prayers and huggs to you. Ginny

    • I think about this a great deal. How can I make things better – for myself, for my friends, even strangers. Tennessee Williams said in A Street Car Named Desire – “I shall always be grateful for the kindness of strangers”. Virginia

  2. Knock-Knock!! I pick the striped chair in the sunshine. In my basket, I have white wine and “Zucchini Carpaccio” with feta and raspberry vinegar, along with quarts of chilled soupe glacée aux pousses d’épinard and crevettes. T. (Again, thanks for sharing the fabulous news. I’m still celebrating!!)

    • Theadora you’re a dear. It has been a long five years. I hope to never repeat what has happened during that time. What a swell menu. I am picking tiny zucchini from the garden for the carpaccio then off to the lovely village of Ladner and market for the rest of the ingredients. I’ve just added another cushion for your feet with the the stunner toes. Virginia

    • Congratulations to you Christy. This cancer is a terrible thing and the battle is relentless. I so appreciate you writing to me. It was not an easy decision to write about what had happened to me. Virginia

  3. This is a sweet post of relaxation, contemplation and simply enjoying time, which we usually say we don’t have enough of…You deserve every minute of peace, enjoying your beautiful front porch and I have to say that I love the stone work on your house, too, Virginia! Hugs to you and I’m very happy you can breathe easier and move forward in life with a smile~

    • Encouraging words. I do so enjoy hearing from you. I am still getting used to being cancer free. I’m glad you love the stone work. The same stone work is the feature of the fire place in the family room.
      Big Hugs Virginia

  4. Well Good for you! What a rough few years you have had. And you carry yourself with such calm and elegance. Your day in the sun just letting the scent of the flowers waft past is richly deserved. So few understand the gift of stillness.. love celi

    • I think about the sweetness of doing nothing,then I read Celi’s post. Your energy, your efforts, they are enormous. I am so proud to have your support. Love Virginia

  5. Virginia, you have such a wonderful spirit, positivity and zest for life – what a great encouragement for others!
    I am very happy to hear news of your triumph – and what a wonderful way to celebrate. 🙂

  6. Ah….a perfectly wonderful post of celebration for a very noteworthy milestone. I too celebrated my five year “mark” earlier this year. It’s just lovely to be alive and living in the moment isn’t it? We never know what tomorrow will bring – it’s all about today. Enjoy this day and many, many more to come Virginia.


    • Pam and furry many toed Sam I am so happy to hear from you, that you also celebrated your five year mark. You are so right about living in the moment. It is not just words. Today is the ONLY day we have. Enjoy your day also Pam. Virginia

  7. effortlessly contemplative, a non hankering mind, with perfect nothing, and the beautiful patio offcourse .. i guess with all of this life is saying “well, You did fine see !! ” 🙂

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