This is the type of sour cream coffee cake you’ll make over and over again.  You’ll love the way it’s heavenly cinnamon  smell will fill your kitchen.   It has a beautifully  tender and fine crumb.  It keeps very well, and can be dressed up in many guises.    I have been making it ever since commercial sour cream first made its appearance in the grocery stores.  You can become very creative with this recipe as long as you follow the basic ingredients. Recipe on Mrs. Butterfingers


  1. I have to stop reading your food delicious posts after my self imposed ‘no more eating time’…now it’s munchies time. (Thank you for a good excuse.)

    • Daniela – morning coffee, afternoon tea, in the middle of the night. I’m like a little mouse nibbling away at the coffee cake. Thank goodness it is such a big one. Virginia

  2. “heavenly cinnamon smell… beautifully tender and fine crumb….. dressed up in many guises.”

    your description makes me feel like finding and eat it right now… lol 🙂

    • Florence, it is a long week-end here and the weather is a dream. It’s so very quiet on the farm you can almost hear the corn growing. It is as high as an elephant’s eye. Virginia

  3. Oh my this looks scrumptious! Thanks soooo much for the treats. We each savored one…then put the box in the freezer to keep them fresh for the pictures : ) I think Jonathan has dibs on the rest of the box lol. They arrived just fine. The tag was lovely too. Hope you get your package soon. I had to wait to get one of the projects approved by the design team. I wanted to surprise you with something you hadn’t seen on the blog : ) Hope you enjoy a lovely evening!!!! Ginny

    • Oh what great relief. I have been wringing my hands – worried the fragile contents would crumble. This is all so exciting. I look forward to receiving your package. I am very excited as I celebrate a birthday tomorrow. I love birthdays, and lord knows I have had many to enjoy. You have a grand evening Ginny. Virginia

  4. I’m going to enjoy this in my dreams, Virginia, as I’ve lost 9 lbs. and still working on a few more! It looks heavenly though; thanks for sharing (and tormenting) 🙂 Love and hugs to you!

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