To gild refined gold, to paint the lily,



To throw a perfume on the violet,



To smooth the ice, or add another hue



Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light



To seek the beauteous eye of heaven



To garnish,

Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

(William Shakespeare  King John, IV:2)


(Shakespeare and I visited the garden this morning for a ridiculous excess of lilies.  The house is heavy with their fragrance.   Saturday August 11th in this quiet corner of paradise.)


19 thoughts on “GILDING THE LILY

    • I adore Casablanca and Stargazer lilies. They are outrageously expensive in the shops, but as they are so easy to grow here in the Lower Mainland, I willy indulge. Every year I promise myself to plant more and more of these beauties. Virginia

    • You can always depend on William Shakespeare to come up with an excellent quote. I’ve promised myself to grown even more lilies next season. Thanks for the good words Christy, I hope you are having a superb weekend.

  1. Shakespeare would be so proud of your tribute! Your flowers are so very AMAZING! I can just imagine how marvelous your home must smell!!!!! We always buy Stargazer lilies and yes they are so expensive, I am so envious of you! Sitting on your patio must be like floating in paradis with the smells and all the beauty surrounding you. You are one special person!

    • My dear, dear Tin Man – you always make my day. Today is a rather quiet here in the country. The haying is done so no frantic bale wagons rushing up and down our country road. The only sound is the tic tic of the giant sprinklers on the potato fields. I have been sitting under my big umbrella, a pile of books by my side, and Saturday afternoon at the opera on the radio. Of course it was a fairy tale – Cinderella – Rossini’s La Cenerentola – so I was in my glory. Have a super wonderful week-end. Hugs Virginia

  2. Oh I adore that fragrance.. just stunning in a vase.. there is an old chinese proverb, well probably not so old and maybe not even chinese but i say it all the time, If you have no money for bread, buy flowers! Lucky us not having to buy them. morning virginia darling girl.. c

    • Celi years ago my Father copied a poem and sent it to me. The gist of it was the same message. The poem I think was English in origin and it suggested if you have two pennies spend one on a loaf of bread and the other on hyacinths for your soul. I certainly am my Father’s daughter. Warm wishes and hugs for a great week-end, and for your company filled week to come. Virginia

  3. “Here once again we sit, once again crown’d.” Gilding the lily is the only way to live. In my book. Oh, sigh. For the love of Shakespeare, what a dreamy post, Virginia. I am swooning. Paradise, indeed. Thank you for the break. I’m now off to find Rossini’s La Cenerentola. Good week to you!! Theadora (I also loved your line: It’s heady, it’s intoxicating, it’s decadent.)

  4. Those pictures are just amazing. And lovely poem. I went back and read it twice : ) Whenever I get the camera out at home cats always find there way in front of what I want to take pictures of. I have to say you have a way of putting just the right pictures to help tell the story of the poems you share! Ginny

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