Who wouldn’t fall in love with this classic beauty.  I found this vintage French birthday card on THE GRAPHICS FAIRY.  It was perfect for my daughter-in-law.  She  adores interesting and different cards, and I wanted to create something extra special for her.

The theme of her birthday gift was French – an exquisite silk shawl from Paris and the French magazine CÔTÊ PARIS.  The card just had to be French.  For extra ool la la  I embellished it with  the purple and lavender ribbon flowers and the glittery Eiffel Tower and bird.



17 thoughts on “FRENCH BIRTHDAY CARD

  1. Virginia! What a thoughtful gift. I love the texture you added to the card. And my goodness, CÔTÊ PARIS is one of my favorite reads. It never fails to lift my spirits. Have you seen the Versailles issue? Enjoy your lundi! T. (I checked out The Graphics Fairy website. Her shop is amazing.)

    • Cote Paris and several other French Magazines are my go-to magazines when I feel the need to escape into my dream of Paris. I have not seen the Versaille issue. I am sure it is absolutely splendid. Glad you like The Graphics Fairy. All that good stuff and it is free and clear. Hugs Virginia

    • It is the total package. I have a big selection of tissue paper in every colour I can find. I’m always picking up ribbons and little things to decorate presents. I also love simple brown paper and coarse brown string. I guess I just love wrapping presents. Hey, I also love getting them. Virginia

    • Buying ahead is the ticket. I load up with tissue paper and every gorgeous colour I can find. And ribbons- I just love ribbons that are different. And with the Graphic Fairy I find so many great vintage cards I’m never caught short. Virginia

  2. Hi Virginia. Such a beautiful card. So delicate and romantic. I did notice the horse shoe on the image. When I was little my Nan would say that horse shoes go up the other way so that the luck doesn’t run out. In Spain they hang horse shoes up on the side. Out of interest, which way do you hang horse shoes?
    Kind Regards, Florence x

    • Florence my dear I am so happy with your compliment. I’m just a woman who has never grown out of cutting paper dolls. I am in awe of the cards you create. About the horse shoes. We hang them up for the same reason you Nan did. Hugs Virginia

    • I am someone who as a child was mad for paper dolls. I ended up cutting out an entire Sear’s catalog to give them the right furniture , dishes etc. Making simple cards is me playing with paper dolls again. Virginia

    • You only come this way once Tin Man. I would strew paths with roses, and fill the sky with rainbows if it were possible. Since this is rather difficult I feel it is important to do random acts of kindness… to think first of others … and to hold my friends as close as possible. Virginia .

  3. Virginia, this is such a beautiful card…I love making or shopping for just the right card to complement the gift I’m giving, too! I can spend hours in the store reading them! 🙂

  4. Virginia, you epitomize creativity! When I was a child, I collected vintage valentines similar to this one. It’s fun to see how you’ve taken an old work of art and transformed it into a special greeting card for your daughter in law.

    • Cards are important to my daughter in law. It’s fun to make something that someone really appreciates Tricia. I still have a lot to learn about card making. Virginia

  5. This is a lovely card. Your daughter in law is sure to love it. So very thoughtful of you to make a treasure just for her. I’m certain it will be cherished forever. Can’t wait to see your next post! Ginny

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