My  Buddha graces the entrance to our home.   His image tell all who enter this is a house filled with joy, open-heartedness  and compassion.



Buddha is a birthday  gift from my son and his wife.  I have been longing for my own Buddha for several years.  It had to be just the right Buddha – one with a calm face and a certain elegance.   Not too big, but big enough to make his presence known.  They chose wisely.



As our headlines are increasingly dominated by hatred and violence the Buddhist path inspires us to embrace the way of compassion and peace in our life, and to find a deeper satisfaction in every day.



29 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY BUDDHA

  1. Your husband is such a jewel………..winning the lottery when you met…….oooohhhhh swoon!
    Joyeux Anniversaire and Happy Birthday, eh to cover both parts of your beautiful country. Even without the Budda your home by housing the two of you is a symbol of peach, beauty and tolerance…….he only adds to it. My very, very, very, very BEST WISHES to you O’ Princess of the Lotus!

  2. Oh, you are certainly a true Leo then…. A lover of all things fine and gracious… Your son and daughter-in-law did choose wisely; he has that certain something; peace, calm and a powerful contemplative stature…

  3. It seems to me that our real present was the thought and love for you that went into choosing this present. One you actually ended up loving, and eventually writing about. You are a trully lucky woman. Happy (belated) Birthday

    • Thank you Lauren. The hugs are NOT belated. I am planning to call every day a birthday – day until the end of the year. Just think – I can make birthday cakes and share them. My Good Husband can spoil me with coffee in bed in the morning. You know the drill. What a plan! Virginia

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