I would love to share a slice of my birthday cake with everyone who reads my post.  Since that is not possible I will share the recipe with you.  The cake is called BETE NOIRE (the black beast).  It is a flourless chocolate cake that is divinely decadent and addictive beyond belief.  BETE NOIRE was the signature desert of our restaurant ROXY’S BISTRO.  This is a serious adult chocolate cake. It makes an elegant presentation and if you follow the recipe exactly you will have chocolate lovers swooning at your feet.  The recipe is on my food blogMRS. BUTTERFINGERS.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you my friend. The cake looks scrumptious. You look lovely and very bedazzled and your cake is too!!!! Wishing you many many more healthy, happy, and blessed birthdays : ) Ginny

    • Triple Seven, I like that. It makes me feel like a character in Ian Ian Fleming novel. So far I have managed to parlay the birthday to several celebrations and there will be more to come. Brilliant. V.

  2. Happy birthday! ‘Divinely decadent’ and ‘serious adult’ sounds like the perfect description for a birthday…cake 🙂

    • Many, many thanks for the birthday greetings. Leftover cake? Would you believe the left-overs went with the guests. There are so many calories in this cake I couldn’t risk having any in the hours. Virginia

  3. Dear Virginia! Oh, fly. Your Bête Noire (the black beast) looks lovely, lovely. And so do you. I love the bright sparkler, along with your bracelet and necklace. So darn bling and very pretty!! So there’s a recipe? I’m intrigued. Count me in. I’ll check out the recipe on your Mrs. Butterfingers site. Again, Bon Anniversaire!! T.

  4. Hi Virginia!
    Belated Happy Birthday…the cake looks just awesome and so do you. Surely you had a wonderful birthday. May the forthcoming years bring you more and more happiness that multiplies every second.


  5. Happy Birthday Aunt Jean! You do look great! Been a subscriber of your blog for a few months now and I must say I do enjoy reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your recipe, looking forward to trying it out being a huge fan of chocolate myself. Jon N.

    • I was thrilled – over the moon to receive your comment Jon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your birthday greetings. They mean the world to me. I look forward to future comments from you. Aunt Jean.

    • Yes indeed Lauren, it was a most excellent celebration. It was the four of us, Good Husband and marvelous son and his wife. I cooked dinner and made the cake. I so love being in the kitchen. And, as I keep telling everybody, I plan on celebrating my birthday until the end of this year. Seventy seven is such a great number.

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