LOOK WHO’S COMING TO DINNER – Writings of my dear friends

The other day I posted a blog about an imaginary dinner party.  This is all about fun and fantasy.  I’ve had sparkly, bubbly replies.  I share them with you.   I look forward to more dinner party tales from my dear blog readers.


Oh how very, very divine!!!!  I fell into your words and became so very involved with the dinner and the plans that it felt as if this were really happening.
I do believe that I would invite those that I miss most in my life:  My Mother, her Mother, My Oma (she would have to make the main course her famous Chicken and hard German Dumplings)  The of course, my Partner, the love of my life of 37 years would have to be there as there are times I felt my Mother and Grandmother loved him more than me!  Then, of course, Eleanor Roosevelt would have to come over to my home after she has rested up from your marvelous dinner, Thomas Jefferson would bring his famous bread pudding for dessert and a couple of bottles of wine from his vineyards at Monticello (well perhaps 8 bottles, he knows me well!)  Bette Davis would arrive……..late of course she always wants to make an entrance, much to the chagrin of Marlene Dietrich, who is always prompt due to her German nature.  Cher would seat herself between them and Bette would be so annoyed by all the feather plumes as she tried to light her cigarette.

We would begin the evening with some Veuve Cliquot that my dearest friend, Virginia, Princess of the Lotus Blossom, insisted on bringing along, her ever so charming husband following right behind with their fav champagne flutes in hand.

We would end the day, and begin the new one out on the deck, watching the sun rise, each of us reflecting on the marvelous conversation of the evening past, as we munched on piles of fresh figs filled with gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto and sipped on beautiful foaming cappuccinos.  Virginia would entertain us with her marvelous stories and President Jefferson would wonder what his tenure in office would have been like with her as his Vice President and how much more he could have accomplished.   Ahhhhhhh what a lovely evening, thanks for coming and bringing you wonderful husband, and of course the Veuve Ciquot!


Out here people do not invite each other to their houses to enjoy a meal. Ireally do not know why and if I invite them they either do not turn up or say they will get back with a date or whatever.. they love a cook out or beers on the verandah .. but not a dinner party. So the only dinner parties I have here are when people come to stay, usually from Nz (they know what cutlery is and do not look askance at my linen napkins)
AND I almost always cook a roast chicken stuffed with lemons and shallots.
We do start with nut crackers and home made fresh cheese and sometimes end with beautiful teacups of hot custard topped with tiny meringues. In the saucer is an even tinier tart apple sponge cake, as small as a chocolate. That is my favourite anyway. Last time my guests took baskets and picked their salads, and dug the potatoes and onions and beets after shopping in the freezer for lamb.
When I go home to NZ in December it will be dinner party after dinner party with me cooking. Already my children are putting in their requests. Before I leave to board the plane my last communication with them is always a grocery list!.. oops this has gotten too long.  C.

Ginny of POLLY’S PAPER wrote …

Well Virginia…after long and thoughtful consideration….I decided the menu would be easier to come up with then the guest list. When I grew up…we never had much…but we had enough. We had extended families under one roof…so meals had to stretch with rice or beans or veggies…so the comfort foods of my youth were always very simple..not gourmet. One of my favorite meals was rice with ground beef, spaghetti sauce and corn. I know it doesn’t sound like much…but we never had the option to be choosy with our food….if we were hungry…we ate what was put in front of us. My children now turn up their noses at that meal because they don’t understand doing without. Even before we became vegetarian I didn’t make that meal for my family…since I was the only one who would eat it… I haven’t had it in over 30 years. So I would choose comfort food from my youth. As to the guest list….I have to say I choose to live in a very small world…surrounded by those people with whom I interact with in daily life. It would never appeal to me to dine with a celebrity. I would like to sit at a table with myself 20 years younger and 20 years older…just to see where I’ve come from and where I’m going. I’d like to dine with my grown children to see the fine men they will become. I’d like to share a table with my Father…I’ve never met him….he died when I was a baby. I would like to share a meal with my Husband on our 75th wedding anniversary. Reveling in the stories of a life well lived and well shared. And last but not least I would truly enjoy the fellowship and a table shared with you my dear friend Virginia. And a toast with a lovely bottle of wine. What a wonderful memorable evening that would be : )




Can I come next time please? I’m always up for a dinner party. You are welcome back too.
And don’t forget coffee time. In the summer house of course. I’ll break out the biscuits. Sounds lovely, but I don’t eat dairy.

17 thoughts on “LOOK WHO’S COMING TO DINNER – Writings of my dear friends

  1. Can I come next time please? I’m always up for a dinner party. You are welcome back too.
    And don’t forget coffee time. In the summer house of course. I’ll break out the biscuits. Sounds lovely, but I don’t eat dairy.

      • Thank you. Sounds brilliant. I love sorbet. Very nice surroundings and looking forward to meeting all those lovely people you have around you. 🙂

    • Are not the stories wonderful, Tin Man? I loved that you and your partner are celebrating 31 years together. Ginny of Pollyspaper wanted to travel into the future and spend her 75th Anniversary with her husband. Look at the wonderful places are imagination can take us – with help from everyone.

    • Christy – isn’t is just a wonderful thought. A fantasy dinner for friends past and present. We had a close friend come back into our life through reading my blog. I am looking forward to hearing about your fantasy supper or dinner party.. or what ever. Spill the beans. I am waiting. Virginia

    • I find people are so happy to be invited out for dinner – supper – weiner roast – that you don’t have to cook anything elaborate. For example , my recipe for adult baked beans on my food blog MRS. BUTTERFINGERS has been the star of more than one “dinner party”. Served with crusty bread and chocolate brownies for dessert – how easy is that. It’s all about sitting around a table, sharing food and thoughts, and lots of good conversation. Virginia

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