Life becomes very, very good when you take delivery of a box full of peaches.  Peaches picked just hours ago.  Perfect, big, juicy peaches.  My dear friend and neighbor Angela  shared this incredible bounty with me.  We  thought all these peaches, so little time.

Peach cobbler

Peach pie

Peach ice cream

Peach crisp

Peach up-side-down cake

Vanilla poached peaches

Peaches eaten over the kitchen sink.  The juice running joyfully down your arms.

Peaches grilled on the barbecue and served with French vanilla ice cream.

Peach chutney

Brandied peaches

Peach Melba

Or … the most sublime dish to come out of ROXY’S BISTRO’S kitchen.  Peach chicken with sweet red peppers and sweet red onions, laced through with brandy and indulged with cream.   Grown men would swoon over this decadent dish.

Life is just a bowl of peaches!



    • Indeed Tin Man this is a humdinger of a dish. We only made it when peaches were in season. And when it was on the menu it was the run-away best seller. The dish is addictive. The waiters would come into the kitchen and wait to clean out the sauce in the saute pans with big hunks of bread. Virginia

    • Tree ripened fruit is so full of flavour. There just isn’t any comparison to what they sell in the big supermarkets. I rather have an embarrassment of riches with all these peaches Celi. Tomorrow is peach pie making. Virginia

  1. My childhood home was full of fresh fruit; there were 27 fruit trees of various kinds to enjoy. I loved nothing better than to squash my young face into all of the stone fruits on offer. Still today, nearing Christmas when all the stone fruits become available, I can be seen picking over them in the supermarket with a gleam in my eye and delight written on my face. Simply wonderful…
    Peaches grilled on the barbecue and served with French vanilla ice cream sounds too too divine….

    • Carolyn there is absolutely nothing like fresh fruit right off the tree. Here in the lower mainland we do have access to stone fruit. And it is glorious. Those are wonderful memories, and I think that food memories are the strongest of all. You are woman after my own heart. I do get excited when I find wonderful produce in our local grocery store. Now let’s grill those peaches. Virginia

    • Yes Amy May – this is my version of 54 shades of gray. That is how many shades of gray I contemplated before choosing Pigeon wing gray. The biggest job was scraping 40 years of old varnish and grease off the cupboards. That took one week of living with steel wool. But voila!! When the white tile goes up it will truly be a beautiful kitchen. Virginia

  2. I’m with our Tin Man! My pick: Peach chicken with sweet red peppers and sweet red onions, laced through with brandy and indulged with cream. I’ll give it a shot. Silly question: How many peaches are needed? As always, Merci! T. (Served with a small green salad and wine?)

    • Theadora – now this is interesting. I can’t find the Peach chicken recipe in my file. I keep hoping it word turn up so I could post it. I can’t wait any longer so I am going to put a help call to our old sous-chef. The market is flooded with peaches and he has been probably whipping it up in his kitchen. Virginia

  3. I also like Tin Mans vote. For me though…would have to leave out the chicken and substitute soy cream….sounds heavenly : ) Maybe over whole wheat pasta???? You are not very good for my diet VIRGINIA!!! Lol. love ya anyway dear friend. : ) Ginny

  4. I make peach crisp, Virginia, but haven’t made it in awhile. Now, maybe I will! Peaches grilled with vanilla ice cream, omg! Delicious! What a beautiful photo! You do know that I’ll be craving peaches now until I head to the store (again)! 🙂

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