The other day my dear friend and close neighbor Angela delivered the most gorgeous box of tree- ripened peaches.  Enormous peaches sweet and juicy beyond belief.  The next day Angela delivered a bubbling peach cobbler.   What an absolute treat.   Angela’s  recipe is so delicious I simply must share it with you. Old Fashioned  cobblers are easy to make and you can use almost any fruit, but I think peach cobblers are my absolute favorite.  This  great dessert is on my food blog MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.



30 thoughts on “PEACH COBBLER

  1. You continue to entice me with your marvelous dishes! I can smeel the sweetness of the peaches baking under that delictable flaky crust. Please put some extra flowers in Budda’s lap for us……..the well has now gone dry and I fear to loose all our fruit trees, herbs, flowers and any beauty that we have managed to nuture!

    • I am horror-struck to hear that water is such a problem. Loosing your fruit trees is terrible Tin Man. When I put flowers from you in Buddha’s lap where shall I ask it to rain? Virginia

      • I’ve just spent some time in Bulverde. The country side looks beautiful. It’s a lovely small town much the size of our little village. A delightful place to live. Small town close to a big city. I’m so sorry this weather thing is causing all these drought problems. Yikes. Virginia

  2. We have a tiny peach tree in a pot, which delivers us lots of small peaches, delicious, and I usually just eat them. Maybe I should try something like this next year.

    • Yum is the perfect word to describe this decidedly addictive dessert. My friend and neighbor is making it again today. That’s three days in a row. I will skip a day and make it again tomorrow. It’s so darn easy and so good, and we have all these peaches. Virginia

      • I like that kind of fortune telling!! The ritual of coffee is important to me. Freshly ground beans – a French press – then half very strong coffee and half very hot milk. I drink it from a beautiful Italian mug. Generally only one cup first thing in the morning – but it is a perfect cup of coffee. Life is good. Virginia

    • I have just a few peaches left and the big decision is whether to eat them out of hand – or make one more peach cobbler. Either way they will be a treat. I do hope your family enjoyed this treat Rose. Virginia

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