Be not inhospitable to strangers

Less they be angels in disguise.


23 thoughts on “ANGELS

    • Isn’t that the truth, my dear Cheffy! I prefer not to use my blog to “preach” or complain or be negative in any way. But sometimes we need a gentle reminder to mankind to be kind to man.

  1. Such a small sentiment…that say’s so much. It seems like a humane act to be nice to everyone…even if they’re not Angels.Maybe you are an Angel to them??? God has us all woven together tightly…you never know if your the tread holding other people together. Blessing to you Virginia…hope you enjoy a lovely weekend. Ginny

  2. Angels, or the caretaker.
    Life would not be very easy if you upset the caretaker.
    The one that opens doors. That clears up after and locks up.
    The one you have to get round to come in at holiday time.
    The one who will stand tapping a foot if you are three seconds late.
    Definitely. Be nice.
    They might be Angels or caretakers.

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