Our kitchen is circa 1970.  It was the latest shout back then, but it absolutely needed a fresh new look.  Forty years of wear had left the cupboards shabby and sad-looking.

What these dated cabinets needed was a new paint job and  door- pulls.  I found vintage china knobs at our local Thrift Shop.

Doors removed and I  started painting the frames and drawers with primer.

Out in the garage thirty-one doors – forty years to be scraped and cleaned.  The Good Husband set up an assembly line.  It took two weeks to clean and paint the doors – but what a difference!

I looked at sixty shades of gray and chose Benjamin Moor’s Pigeon Gray.  The gray is spectacular again the butter yellow walls.

I love my new gray cabinets.

I love the look of the unfitted kitchen.  I painted this cabinet a little darker shade of gray and then gave it an aged look with a little white paint.  I faux marbled the top of the cabinet green . I’ll tuck this cabinet under my vintage map of Paris.

Now the only thing left is the installation of the new floor.   Which means sealing the concrete.

The sealing finish on the concrete is bubble gum pink.    The refrigerator is in the laundry room and the stove is in the garage.   It is rather like camping out.

The rest of the house has bits and bobs of furniture tucked into any available space.  The new flooring will be laid in a couple of days.    Saturday  we will be back to normal and I will be cooking in the kitchen again.  I have one more project in mind for my revamped kitchen.  We’ll save that for another day.


28 thoughts on “A NEW LOOK FOR OUR KITCHEN

  1. Argh…. though, in the end, it will look superb; I’m sure..!

    We are currently revamping our computer room, which had an old air conditioner removed from the wall. My man surprised me with his handyman skills. Now the wall is painted and the furniture is back in place… Phew.. 🙂 Now onto new curtaining and artwork for the newly painted wall… Arrr, life’s good…!

    I love the colour you’ve chosen for your cupboards; it creates a very good contrast with the walls. 🙂 (And I love your ‘shades of gray’ references… haha)

    • I have become quite besotted with shades of gray. I was thrilled with this colour. Sometimes what you see on the paint charts doesn’t work out. But… this one was perfect. Virginia

  2. Love it! Much better! Ours was under construction for months. The new counter we paid experts to install (because we were afraid of messing it up) came apart after 6 months and wasn’t replaced until this summer (after considerable negotiation) It’s always more work than you think it’s going to be, but it looks great now.

    • It was so gratifying seeing the changes. The old cupboards did not show off the classic molding. And then finding vintage china door pulls was a bonus. Thanks for your note of appreciation. Virginia

    • When you have perfectly good cupboards. Cupboards made from real wood, it makes sense to refurbish them. The words are reuse, reinvent, and keep stuff our of the land fill. Virginia

  3. What a wonderful gift and eye you have. I must say though that I had a bit of a chuckle when you mentioned sixy shades of grey………was thinking of fifty shades of grey hehehhe. You are a charm. I just love your color combinations and the floor is marvie! I cannot believe those are the same cabinets!!!

  4. Virginia, I love the improvements and am very impressed that you did them all yourself! That makes it even more valuable, I believe…I can’t wait to see your new floor. Our kitchen is old, too, and we’ve just been lazy about doing anything about it. There’s nothing like camping out in your house, right? Let me know how the floor goes. I’d love to do that ourselves, but don’t have a clue as to the “hows!” Anyway, congrats! xo

    • Lauren – we are doing everything ourselves, that is everything but the floor. Our house is on slab. We live on a delta and your dig down a few feet and you are into water. So the experts our laying this new type of click floor. It has a cork base with a vinyl top. Warm and comfortable. It is fairly new on the market. More pictures to come. Hugs Virginial

    • It gave me a wonderful excuse to light the chimera and have a weiner roast (with gourmet weiners). I found some marshmallows and we made dessert too. Nothing like s’mores at the end of a long day of painting. Virginia

  5. Such a lovely new look for a well loved kitchen : ) You are getting soooo much more done than I am on my kitchen redo. We’ve got new counters in…a new cook top and fridge with the freezer on the bottom ( squeels in delight!!!) and wood laminate floors installed. I still have to paint all the cabinets….however we have had such a terrible hot summer that the house has been shut up with the air on…so no way to use the cleaners and strippers. Looks like I’ll be back to work soon as it’s been cooling off thankfully. You kitchen looks great…a real inspiration. What finding the perfect gray : ) I’m going with off white…then a maple glaze….hope it looks as good as your does. Thanks for the before and after : ) There’s no way I’ll be posting our befores lol. Regards my friend….Ginny

    • Aha Christy. I’ve fooled you. They are actually Dove Gray – a Benjamen Moore colour in a Pearl finish. This shade of gray in a new type of paint formulated for furniture and wood work is nothing short of sensational! Keep tuned to see what else I am up to. Virginia

    • Resa — thank you for your good words. We knew stripping almost four dozen cupboard doors and all the rest was going to be work. We just didn’t realize how much. But it was definitely worth the time consuming work. Now we just have to tile the wall behind the stove, move in the new refrigerator – and voila it will be done. But wait – now I want to paint the kitchen table and chairs – oh dear what I have I started! Virginia

    • Celi we are sharing the same colour charts. The living room and dining room – butter yellow. The family room and kitchen a darker butter yellow. One bedroom a paler butter yellow. The butcher block did yeoman service for years in our French restaurant. I wouldn’t exchange it for yards of granite counter. Virginia

    • Celi we are sharing the same colour charts. The living room and dining room – butter yellow. The family room and kitchen a darker butter yellow. One bedroom a paler butter yellow. The butcher block did yeoman service for years in our French restaurant. I wouldn’t exchange it for yards of granite counter. Virginia

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