Today would have been my daughter’s 54th birthday.  We celebrate her life.

My daughter on her lst birthday September 25, 1959.

At two years.

We do not mourn her passing.  We  celebrate her life.   It is her wish.

Roxanne  1958 – 2010


31 thoughts on “A CELEBRATION OF LIFE

  1. My heart ached when I looked upon her lovely photos and read your words. I see so much of you in her when i look at those photos. I do not possess, nor are there words that I can impart that will erase the loss of your child. I remember the passing of my brother and the sorrow of my own Mother. Please know that we are out here who love you and care about you. Tonite I shall toast the sunset in her memory and send you all the comfort and care that is possible.

  2. What a beautiful daughter you brought into this world – much like her mother. With tears in my eyes I join you in celebrating the life of Roxanne…as she wished. May memories and love bring you peace.

  3. We had only known each other briefly when we were younger as children, cousin. Seeing images of how you have become have stirred fondest memories of the warmth, beauty and vibrancy you have shared with me back then. Today will be a very positive day celebrating those memories. Men do not like to admit that they cry, but I have shared a tear as my heart calls upon remembrance. Thank you Aunt Jean for having a blog.

  4. Sending you all love to day and lucky I am to have met the amazing Roxanne,Cal, Lar and You!!!

    I think I will wear Pink tonight for dinner in honour of Roxy’s Bday and sip some champers to toast to you all…

    All My Love..


  5. You are a brave, wonderful woman and look at your beautiful daughter. I am very, very proud of you today virginia and your daughter would have been proud too. I guess your daughter would be only two months older than me. Goodness. And you are still complete darling girl. Still. Last night my youngest son had his own baby son, and all my children were on the phone half the night, so I am always going to remember your daughter’s birthday too.. I was awake all night,( the news did not come until 4am,) so now I am going to bed, and i am so glad that your words and your daughters incredible smile are the last images I am seeing here tonight.. how fantastic to be so loved..take care honey.. cecilia

    • Celi what a night you had! And now you are Grand Cecilia. If I am brave it is because of my daughter. I could do no less for her. When I felt I could not handle anymore all that was happening I would think what she was going through was a million times worse. Her courage gave me the strength to carry on looking after her and being positive in everything I did. Virginia

  6. I cannot appreciate how devastating it must be to lose one’s child. My words fail to convey my heart’s desire for you to know the empathy I feel (albeit an unknown, and only imagined ache). Although my belief system tells me that your daughter is not troubled by her passing, my thoughts always go to those who are left behind. Such a terrible loss.
    I would like to celebrate your daughter’s birthday by saying: Be proud, Virginia, your daughter was a joy, and will continue to be a joy.

    • Thank you for your encouraging thoughts Carolyn. Indeed my daughter was a joy. She had a wicked sense of humour and was a clever mimic. She still has us laughing when we recall certain moments. Virginia

  7. Oh Virginia….such a bittersweet post. What a beautiful woman your Daughter grew up to be. She did look to be very happy in those pictures….so you can find a small comfort in the knowing that the time you did have….however short was blessed with good times and smiles….what a lovely way to remember her. Thanks so much for opening your heart and memories to share with us….even as your heart must be breaking and she is sorely missed. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Regards Ginny

    • It was a long thought out decision to write about my daughter. I found I was having a difficult time writing so I tried to show her spirit in pictures. Roxanne and were as close as mother and daughters could be. She was my other half and I was hers. Virginia

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