The new floor is in!  It looks fabulous.  It feels wonderful.  The floating floor is vinyl-cork.    Wonderfully easy on one’s back and feet.



I am thrilled with how beautifully the rich coloring of the flooring works with the newly painted cupboards.    The make-over is not quite finished.  Just one more work project and the kitchen will be Cinderella at the ball.  It is amazing what a little paint can accomplish.

No kitchen cabinets were destroyed in this make-over.  Every thing we could re-use, re-cycle and even re-invent means very little  going to the landfill.  In this day when so many of us want the “latest shout” in kitchens it is important to think of our planet.  The arbourite was perfectly good.  The cabinets made of solid wood.  All that was required was a great deal of elbow grease and the perfect shade of gray paint.


Infusing joie de vivre into your kitchen has less to do with the quality of your cabinetry and more to do with the quality of your conversation  Less to do with the BTUs of your gas range and more to do with the volume of your laughter.  (Carolina Fernandez)



    • I must admit my darling Tin Man, I had a stack of French magazines influencing my choices. There’s a lovely vintage map of Paris hanging over the painted cupboard. One really doesn’t want to be too obvious. No fake signs with Paris street names. But there is a fair bit of copper (which I do use). And I don’t mind having dishes and interesting odds and ends about. After all this is a working kitchen. Virginia

  1. Yes, I see the map! …. and I like you love to have all sorts of odds and ends in the kitchen….I even have an antique wooden and copper haricot vertes slicer and the butter churn I used to make butter when I was a child. I believe we must surround ourselves with these items to inspire our minds and warm our hearts. Your kitchen certainly did both those for me!

    • Merci beaucoup mon ami! How wonderful to have the butter churn. The oldest thing in the kitchen (next to me) is The Good Husband’s great, great, great, grandmother’s wooden bread bowl. My husband is 7th generation Canadian. His family home was in Kitchner-Waterloo. V.

  2. I can see why you are dancing around in your beautiful kitchen! Fantastic! I love that you have room for so many books. Enjoy your working kitchen surrounded by the things by old things you love – Good Husband included. Thanks for inviting us into your warm and lovely kitchen!

    • If wishes could come true I would be dancing with all my friends I have met on my blog. It is the most wonderful part of blogging. One I didn’t expect. Each comment thrills me to tiny pictures. Would that I could be serving coffee-cake fresh out of the oven to all who share my blog. Virginia

  3. That flooring is beautiful….so warm and rich against the painted cabinets. You have missed your calling as a decorator ! Your creativity know no limits…be it cooking….crafting…. or writing…you are truly an artist! Regards Ginny

    • Such nice words Ginny. Our home and its surroundings is very important to me and my Good Husband. Our home is our refuge. It is one of peace,. harmony and tranquility. It’s also a home of romance. There is much love here. Virginia

    • Lauren I walk into our “new look” kitchen in the morning – and just smile and smile. One has an idea how you would like something to look, but frequently it doesn’t happen quite that way. I poured over dozens and dozens of decor books and design mags. First of all the bottom cabinets were going to black and the tops white – then they were all going to be eggplant. Finally I came to my senses and thought Paris – France – a French gray. And voila the perfect combination. Voila meaning it has only taken four months of pondering! Virginia

    • I can’t believe how much I love the gray colours. It is so the exactly the right shade of gray with the buttah yellow walls. The finish is beautiful also Benjamin Moore Pearl. Virginia

      • I think a glamorous woman like you should have an over-the-top kitchen. I see you with aubergine cupboards. Or shiny licorice black. Something out of the ordinary. Or perhaps EVERYTHING white except a big white bowl filled with brilliant red tomatoes. A good project for the coming dark days of a Toronto winter. Virginia

      • It seems as though it’s been a zippy renovation, Virginia. May the new environment give you yet even more energy and enthusiasm for your culinary pursuits.

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