It has been said that to be in Paris without visiting its landmarks is as foolish as entering a pastry shop when you are on a diet.

The patisseries of Paris  flaunt their creations.  They beguile, they beckon, they beg to be eaten.  In the 8th arrondissement  is the quintessential French patisserie, Laduree.  Its window displays stop you in your tracks.   Its decor is elegant and charming.   Its creations are sugary dreams.

Laduree is best-known for its macarons.    They  crunch slightly then turn chewy revealing intensely-flavored cream inside.   Laduree set each almond flour cookie aside for two days after baking to achieve the perfect texture before filling with amazing fillings,  (coffee, hazelnut praline, rose, pistachio, raspberry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla and more).

Our Son and his wife  spent eight glorious days exploring and enjoying Paris.   I asked them to bring me back  memories of Paris … macarons from Laduree.  They are almost too pretty to eat, but I close my eyes, nibble on one, and once again I am sitting on a  delicate gilt chair, sipping tea, and eating macarons at Laduree.

I love how my always elegant son took on the Parisian persona with his scarf the colours of Laduree.

I’ve kept the exquisite but now empty  boxes from Laduree.   One more wonderful memory of Paris.


7 thoughts on “PARIS and LADUREE

    • I am mad for these macarons. So much so that I tucked a couple away so I wouldn’t eat them all at once. Imagine my dismay when MONTHS later I discovered them. Too stale to eat. And yes my wonderful son is rather handsome. He has a fabulous smile and is a lovely man. V.

    • You lucky lucky girl. Just a mouthful of deliciousness, but it lingers in your memory. When I am in Toronto I buy my macarons at Nadege on the south east corner of Trinity Bellwood Park. (living across from Trinity has its advantages). It is the closest thing to a Paris patisserie in all Toronto. And it’s on your street – 789 Queen W. If you haven’t popped in do try it. V.

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