This week-end our dear friend June celebrated one of those land-mark  birthdays.   Family and friends from as far away as Nova Scotia gathered  in Vancouver to toast the birthday girl. I was so excited.  Time and distance meant I hadn’t seen June in more than twenty years.  When we both lived in Regina June and her husband Duncan lived down the street from us.   We  shared a love of cooking and good food.  June was famous for her Sunday cassoulet dinners, with the table ablaze with dozens of ivory pillar candles.  Her sense of the occasion showed in the smallest details.  Dinner invitations indicated “dress elegantly”.   Guests would arrive in exotic and beautiful outfits.

June is at once

soignee and outrageous.

Elegant and bohemian.

Worldly and non-conforming.

Erudite and aeriodite.

Last night she walked into the room.  Her hair a tumble of auburn curls.  Cuffed, black leather knee high boots.  Gypsy coloured dress adorned at the neck-line with a  sparkling pin of  ruby-red  lips.

June is celebrating her 80th Birthday!

Now you understand this card I crafted for June.  It is all that is June.


The wonderful French women graphics are found on THE GRAPHIC FAIRY.   I painted them with  waters colours  and adorned them with feathers, sparkles and jewels.  I sewed three layers of paper together for the background, then embellished the paper with lace.   To make the women stand out I glued the graphic to heavy cardboard and cut it out.  Then glued this  to my background paper.


16 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE

  1. Oh……….June sounds so very delightful!!! How marvelous to celebrate such a mileston! How I hope you fair ladies ate mountains of cake and washed it down with lots of bubbly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUNE! How wondeful it must have been to reunite with a dear friend after 20 years. I can just imagne the dinner parties of days gone by. I bet the birthday evening was filled with the most incredible stories. Oh to have been there!

    • Cheffy dear June and I clinked flutes, sipped bubbly, and exchanged memories. June and Dunc dined at ROXY’S twice a week – the nights that Dunc was schedule to cook dinner. June reminisced about her favorite table. It was located in the building’s original vault. It held just four people and had a ceiling 14 feet high. I tented it to look like something from Arabian nights. Sitting in there you could watch all the action in the dining room but no one could see you. All very romantic and very private. V.

      • OHHHHHHHHHHH………I can hear the conversations and the comments about the other guests at the restaurant…..especially those with fashion issues. Oh to have been in the vault and been able to partake in one of those evenings. I love Dunc’s dinner preparations……..oh they must have been the perfect couple and the most delightful of friends and guests at the restaurant. Oh to have been part of your life ………. it must have been oh so enchanting and interesting (besides the hard work, of course!!) You have made my imagination soar to incredible heights with that marvelous vault of the Arabian’s!!!!!!!!

      • Indeed Dunc and June were a fab couple. They were both psychologists. June in private practice and Dunc teaching at the University. You would have loved being a fly on the wall listening to their great conversations. Dunc at one time worked with Timothy Leary. V

    • Here we are on the same page again dear Celi. My fashionista daughter introduced me to Ari Seth Cohen’s blog several years ago. He is one of the reason’s I dress the way I do. The reason I always wear bright red lipstick. The reason I will not go gray. Why “I will not go gentle into that good night”. The other reason is my daughter. We loved pouring over fashion magazines together. When we were in Paris we were in fashion heaven. All most wonderful memories. One of the subjects June and I discussed was Advanced Style. Cohen was also her inspiration. Virginia

    • Thank you Karen for admiring my card making. I have a lot of fun making cards for my friends and family. I try to create something that will compliment their personality. For June the Marie Antoinette theme was perfect. She definitely says .. “let’s eat cake”.

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