Kick in your Christmas baking early.  This old-fashioned gingersnap recipe really snaps. Use it to make Christmas gingerbread houses and the family that will dwell with in.   I make tiny gingersnaps and fill brown paper bags with them.  Great hostess gifts.  I’ve decorated them with icing and used them as place cards at the Christmas table.  It’s the spicy  aroma of gingersnaps baking that makes them the most wonderful of cookies.  They freeze beautifully so  what are you waiting for.  You’ll find  my recipe for gingersnaps  and a great many other disgracefully good  sweets on my food blog MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.




17 thoughts on “GINGERSNAPS

  1. I want to make a gingerbread house this year for some friends at Christmas. I have tried various recipies first making them into cookies but they have not been great so thank you so much for sharing this. Will let you know how I get on.
    Regards Florence xx

    • Florence we all have secret desires to join Hansel and Gretal and nibble on the witch’s gingerbread house. This recipe is so good no sooner will construction be over than the nibbling on the roof will begin. Make the recipe first of all just as cookies. You’ll see how wonderful the dough is and how well the cookies bake. Then you can decide on how thick or thin you want your house construction materials to be. Have fun!! Virginia

  2. YUM! I can smell the spicy aromas wafting through the house and then the marvelous crunch of the first bite as the ginger warms my mouth and tickles my tastebuds. Now you must make a gingerbread house and show us. I have NEVER baked my own house before. When I was a child I had a Great Aunt who was very ill and baked her gingerbread men and she always stold everyone that she survived because of the magic in my cookies. I miss her and will always remember those cookies. Thank you for making those memories come back.

    • Tin Man it seems that food, the aroma of it, evokes such strong memories. I haven’t made a gingerbread house since the children grew up, but I still make the gingerbread men just for me. Virginia

    • I am giving it serious thought. I’ve also dived into the Ikea catalogue to see if there are some answers there, but truthfully I want the pantry to look like one in an old house in France (minus the mildew smell). Perhaps Clever Husband or Clever Son will come up with some answers. V.

    • Darling, you are REALLY going like the fact that they eat well. You start to nibble on one, oh just one more, finally you say forget it. Reach for a plate and a glass of milk and simply indulge in the ‘snaps. Virginia

  3. Glad I’m not the only one ready for gingerbread! Been wanting something gingery, but trying to hold off at least until Nov! These look wonderful. I’ll have to use this recipe for my gingerbread houses this year… I’ve always just used the kit or graham crackers.

    • Piper I find making and then rolling these cookies such a Zen thing. They roll out so beautifully you just want to keep doing it and doing it for the sheer pleasure. Virginia

  4. Gingerbread sounds heavenly. They go so well with a lovely cup of tea. The perfect treat for cold wintry days and it makes the house smell divine : ) You must be quick with that camera of yours….if I had plate of yummy gingerbread I’d gobble it up to quick to get a shot lol. It’s thoughtful of you to prepare bags of them as gifts. I’d be stopping by your house everyday : ) With great affection and envy of your baking skills….G

    • Ginny my cookie loving friend I did indeed gobble more than a few of those gingersnap cookies. If you eat them standing up looking out the kitchen window 0 calories. I starting baking when I was ten years old. I baked using a wood stove. I still have a bump on my forefinger from years of using a wooden spoon for mixing, and an egg beater for whipping cream. Virginia

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