It’s lovely to give gifts you make yourself.   It’s even lovelier to receive them.      I make an olive tapanade that is divine.  The recipe calls for whole-grain mustard.  When our supermarket was out of it one day I decided it was time to make my own.   This recipe for  WHOLE-GRAIN HONEY MUSTARD  is as good or better than any to be found on the grocery shelves.  It is easy, easy to make  and your mustard loving friends will be begging you to share the recipe.   It’s wonderful with grilled meats, and it turns a ham sandwich into something the Earl of Sandwich would be proud of.   Decorate your jar tops and give this gourmet condiment for Christmas  gifts. Full recipe here at Mrs. Butterfingers



  1. I read it and i know I can make this but i don’t know where to find black mustard seeds.. maybe I should grow them next year, however in the meant time could i make it all with yellow seeds.. i love good mustard.. and i have honey!! c

    • Yes Celi, this is one of those wonderful condiments that are better than store-brought and dead easy to make. I buy my yellow and black mustard seed at an East Indian store. It’s inexpensive and I can buy it in bulk rather than the small packages. What I have been looking for is brown mustard seed. Perhaps I’ll find it in a gourmet shop in the city (and at a gourmet price). You could use almost any kind of wine vinegar. The next batch I am thinking of trying sherry wine vinegar. Meanwhile I am going to pop a package of black mustard seeds in the mail to you. May your Sunday be quite wonderful. Hugs, Virginia.

    • Piper you are going to become absolutely addicted to make this mustard. It’s so easy to concoct and better even to spread lavishly on what ever turns your crank. Virginia

  2. This looks wonderful. Everyone always loves to receive some home made goodies this time of year. I’ll have D.H. source some mustard seeds for me : ) I’ll update you on how it works out : ) Have you ever made this in a large batch and split up into smaller jars? Just wondering how it would work…if you’re going to make a mess in the kitchen…may as well get lot’s of gifts made at one time right? Then you only have to clean up once : )Thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes. Can’t wait to try it! With great affection and a watering mouth.

    • This could absolutely be made in a double or triple batches Ginny. Then you would just process it in the amounts your processor could deal with. Pop it in sterilized jars and let it sit for at least a week, two weeks or more would be better. So start cutting the mustard girl. Hugs V.

    • The wonderful thing about making this mustard (besides the fact that it was super easy, and super delicious), is how it filled the kitchen with the earthy aroma of mustard. Virginia

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