This appetizer is shamelessly good.  It is so  decadently delicious grown men weep when the last piece disappears from the plate.  Cautious hostesses secretly set aside a few cheese straws for a midnight snack only to discover that someone has found the cache.  These are just a few of the stories about these spicy cheese straws.

To discover what all the fuss is about  you must make these delectables as soon as possible. The cheese straws are rich, spicy, and addictive beyond belief.    Best of all they are quick and easy to make, and virtually fool-proof.      You’ll find this recipe and other holiday treats on my food blog MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.


  1. These most beautiful cheese straws do make me weep now! How very magnificant and savory they look. Oh you temptress of men, how could you unveil this delight at this hour of the night! It shall take 6 glasses of champagne to bring sleep upon my want for this magic.

  2. Shamlessly good is a great description, V.
    However, I shall just enjoy the look of these… Christmas is on its way with all the fare of the Christmas table…!
    I want to start the festive season as ‘narrow’ as possible.. Heavens knows it won’t end that way… 😉

    • I like your description of “narrow” as possible. I use the word “slow”. So much pressure and stress surrounds this season. It needs to be simplified all the way around. We shall all try to be “narrow” Carolyn. Virginia

    • Bright an early this am my good friend, the gardening guru Dellis and I hit the Thrift Shop Trail. We were just having fun. I did score . I found a Clarice Cliff plate circa 1938 $3. Also a box of vintage Christmas glass balls $2. I do so love a bargain.Cheers V.

      • Oh those glass balls!! How exciting, One day surely i will get there and we will do exactly that! I love the thrift stores, then coffee, then a wine, then we will skip straight to dessert! How Bad is that! .. love your sister/ cousin.. celi

  3. These look absolutely scrumptious. What a wonderful savory treat. You are such a smart cookie putting some aside for a late night snack…have to find a better hidey spot though lol. I can imagine your despair sneaking in too enjoy your stashed treat and finding them gone!!!! Did you find the culprit? Sorry I’ve been off the radar lately…our niece blessed our family with a new baby so we are a bit preoccupied. You know how it is with tiny new babies. With great affection Ginny

  4. Fabulous recipe for Cheese Straws! Just the right amount of spice. This will be my “go to” recipe for the holidays – so easy and delicious. Can’t wait for my family and friends to taste them!

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