I’ve filled a basket with wreaths and candles, birds and baubles.

Danced around the house singing “jingle bells jingle bells”  wearing my ruby slippers – leaving trails of sparkling dust.



Inspired by my far-away friends,  The Tin Man and Theadora, I swagged  the fresh  cedar wreath with both magnolias and birds.


But the white roses cried out to be used.   I made a second wreath for my good friend Angelia.


Roses at the door, and in the centre of the wreath a reflection of life on the farm.



More peacocks flutter and flirt.


O0h la la.  The new salle de bain  can not be forgotten.


Vintage Christmas balls sparkle catching sunshine.



They light up the night.

We’ll dine by candle light.


It is a glorious day.

One final act.

At the door I plant cyclamen for Buddha.



  1. Virginia……you have captured the wonderful spirit of the season and thank you for the wonderful magnolia wreath (and the mention!!) I also love, love, love the wreath in the new salle de bain! How very MARVELOUS you home looks! Wishing you and your merry elf helper the very best of the Holiday Season and ALWAYS! On the eve of Christmas, Theadora and I shall be there in spirit to share a glass of bubbly with you two love birds!

    • The champagne flutes are dancing in anticipation of the very idea of toasting in Christmas Eve with Theadora and Tin man. My sweet little elf and I send heart-felt wishes for a marvelous holiday season to your home. May the pots in your kitchen be filled with wonderful food and the table laden with the feast. To quote Tiny Tim “God bless us, everyone”.

  2. Oh guess what??? I just decided I’m coming to your house for Christmas lol. Be ready…. remember I have to high school boys so you might want to start cooking now. : ) All joking aside…wow…just wow. Your home is so warm and welcoming and you added all the handmade touches that are just perfect for every room : ) what a wonderful artist you are. Like Tin Man…I too am in love with your candles. so romantic. Thanks for the brief escape form the real world to your enchanting holiday home : )
    With great affection….your friend Ginny

    • No problem Ginny! Hurrah! As retired restauranteurs and chefs we still have enough equipment to handle two hungry teenage boys – big reach- in cooler, enormous stock pots and the ability to whip up a feast with two minutes notice. I’m happy you appreciate my decorations. Many have been accumulated over the years. All hold important memories. With a million hugs Virginia

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