In our life there is a single colour,

as on an artist’s palette,

which provides the meaning of life and art.

It is the colour of love.


(Marc Chagall, 1887 – 1985 – considered to be the quintessential Jewish artist of the TwentiethCentury)

I took this photograph in April 2004 at  the beautiful  Keukenhof Gardens, just outside Amsterdam.


11 thoughts on “THE COLOUR OF LOVE

    • I was making Christmas Cards today Ginny. And all the time I was thinking .. .. now what would Ginny do. Which glue would she use. Is this the right background. It was a rush to get them made and into the post. What ever happened to my “slow” Christmas preparations. Hugs Virginia

    • It is an interesting way of describing love. Marc Chagall was very much a Renaissance man. He worked in stained glass, as a sculpture, as an artist, and an insightful writer. I am so glad you enjoyed. V.

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