When you have little artistic talent you call in the big guns for help – Léonard de Vinci.    This is how I made this years Christmas cards.  Or, for that matter cards that can be used anytime.


I found copies of the paintings in an old art book that I bought for 25 cents.  I always check used book stores for tattered and worn copies of books.  They have a multitude of uses and I recycle them in my own way.  There is nothing more wonderful that poking around old book stores.


The birds I cut out of an  illustrated bird book that I rescued from a discard bin at our library.  It had seen better days and was heading for paper recycling.

I cut away the background from the women’s figures and pasted it onto background paper.  Then I pasted the birds on.


I stamped crowns on the birds (not always perfectly) and embossed them with gold embossing powder.  I have a  heat gun for this purpose, but you can also do it by holding your paper over  a toaster.  Just don’t burn your paper.

This is rather like cutting out paper doll.  I did it when I was seven and seven decades later it appears I am still doing it.

Cards for those who are dear to me, but oh so far away.


  1. Hello, you are nominated by So, hear me for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can see your nomination here: http://pam2626.wordpress.com/. If you wish to accept this nomination the rules are to: 1. Thank the blogger who offered the nomination; 2. Post the One Lovely Blog emblem on your blog; 3. List seven random facts about yourself; 4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award. Send a message to those nominees informing them of their nomination.
    If this isn’t something you wish to do then please just think of this as a compliment to your blog!

      • Virginia, it took several minutes to begin to breath again. The most beautiful and magical card you made arrived in today’s post! My partner has already picked out the place to hang it. We are both so very touched by this and will treasure this most magnificant work for the rest of our lives. Tears are glistening on my cheeks at the sheer joy and wonder you have brought into our household. Oh go to the Good Husband and tell him to give you a big hug and kiss from us……and when you see the Singing Sangster again, give her a hug from me. Oh what joy, what joy, what joy! I wish I could say some inspirational words to thank you, write a poem, anything, but you have struck me dumb! So much love to You and the Good Husband!!!!! XXXOOO

  2. Oh Virgina these are just lovely! And so creative. What fun to get to scour the bookshops with you and see everything with your artistic eye. Sorry I’ve missed your posts : ( We’ve had a bit of a pet emergency here and changing our plans has resulted in a mad dash to deck the halls for my boy’s so they wouldn’t be disappointed about missing our trip. Hope all is well with you and the Good Husband and that you have a blessed Christmas filled with holiday magic! With lots of love for Christmas and the New Year…Huggs my dear friend….Ginny

    • Tinker is such a beautiful cat. She looks very much like our adored cat of twenty years – Sybil. She went to kitty heaven several years ago and we miss her greatly. We have framed pictures of our cats amongst our family photographs – that is how important they were to us. More wishes for a wonderful (done in haste) holiday and the very best for the coming New Year. Florida awaits you another time. Affectionally Virginia

  3. Dearest Tin Man,

    I have already sent my greetings to Virginia and larry and now it is your turn. I could not let the day pass without you knowing that I am thinking of you and thank you for your last message.

    It is with garlands of flowers that I shall adorn my mom’s head today for we are bringing her home from the care center which she refers to as her new “condo.” I know you would love her.

    I wish you could see the beautiful card I received from my Meece( as I call her.) It has found a place in my home for all to see. I hope you are soon the recipient of one, for it is then you will understand my delight. I happen to have a collection of her work from over the years: beautiful cards, often sent for no reason other than to let me know I am loved.

    I wish you a very happy Christmas, dear T.M. with peace and love to follow in the new year.

    Your singing Sangster….


    • OOOOHHHH My Dearest Singing Sangster!!! How very lovely of you to send me such a marvelous message! I just found it! ………and so appropriate that today would be the day, for my work of art has arrived from Virginia (Meece – love it) . Never, ever, never have I received such a wonderfous work of love and art. How wonderful for you to have such an incredible person as a friend for years! We send our love and best wishes to you, also.

      • Dearest Tin Man,

        How I love the fact that you found my message the very day you received the card from my dear Meece: lots of positive energy from the pacific North West sent to your home in Texas. It pleases me to know she made you and your partner so happy. She sprinkles fairy dust where ever she happens to be.

        I know well how much fun it is to find a place for such a treasure for over the years, I, too, have spent time finding the perfect place for her works of art. I wish I could show you a photo of the beautiful mirror she made for my bathroom: wonderful, in and of itself, but with her beautiful painting it looks like something she carried back from Paris. I think we both lived there in another life.

        I wish the very best for both of you in this year of 2013.

        Your Singing Sangster.
        ………..did you know that Sangster is derived from the olde English Songere, meaning singer. Meece assures me you are brilliant and thus, probably already aware.

  4. Virginia, what a lovely set of Christmas cards, and how special for your loved ones to receive handmade cards. Having just moved (and in the process of unpacking) I recycled a stack of pages from a painting-themed calendar/journal. They would have been perfect for such a project.

    Wishing you and your family a splendid holiday season and wonderful 2013, just around the corner.

    • Some my find my exploitation of Leonard a little cheeky, but it is all in fun. Happy2013 Tricia. With much appreciation for all your wonderful comments through the year. Virginia

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