The perfect house is painted the perfect colour.


Carl  Jung saw yellow as the colour of intuition.


Van Gogh’s house in Arles was painted bright yellow.

Oscar Wilde declared yellow as the colour of happiness.


Claude Monet applied two sunny shades of chrome yellow to the walls and furniture of his house at Giverney.

A yellow room smiles at you.

Brings sunshine into your life.

Puts its warm arms around you.


Ours is a yellow house.

Yellow the colour of joy  and happiness.





Yellow that fills our rooms with sunshine on the gloomiest of days.




I fill these butter-cup yellow rooms with books, paintings, wooden boxes, pillows.

A million memories.

A room that is lived in.

A room where my friends and family feel  they can curl up in a chair with a pile of books.



My perfect house is perfect for me.

I’ve not spent a fortune.  I’ve haunted auctions and thrift shops.  Sewn slip covers and painted cast away furniture.

It’s without pretense or show.

It is home to be lived in.  To feel relaxed and comfortable.

My home is the colour of yellow.




  1. Lovely! Yellow was my Mother’s favorite color, and she (and I) always wanted a yellow house. Unfortunately, it is my fiance’s least favorite color (how is that possible?), so he has vetoed the yellow house idea — at least for now. So I’ll just indulge in yours.

    • Yellow can be a difficult colour – it has to be just the right shade. I am not sure how successful I would be painting the outside of a house yellow. However more than half of our house is painting some shade or the other of yellow. I think it is because we have so little sun here on the West Coast. Meanwhile indulge away. V.

  2. Yellow are the taxi tops
    the butterflies and bumblebees
    juicy lemon, sunflower
    and falling leaves.

    Yello is for egg yolk
    a fever’s name,
    the colour of yellow pages directory
    the warning card given to players.

    Yellow is for the sun
    ornaments of gold,
    colour of papers
    that are preserved and old.

    Yellow are the mustard fields
    the colour of banana peel that
    I stepped on and tripped
    also a colour of wisdom and intellect.

    Yello is for charming smiles
    for youth, exhuberence and cowardice
    yellow is for warmth and inspiration
    to make people smile is its purpose

    Yellow is for my friend, Virginia
    for her home on the farm
    filled with treasures beyond
    to envelope and embrace
    and hold her husband warm.

    the first five stanzas are by .Pd. is here in 2006,
    the last by you friend Tin Man

    I loved your post and it filled me with warmth and love. You write like a dream, my friend.

  3. Beautiful, V.
    It is also the colour of ‘mental’ activity; signifying a good mind with agility and flexibility at its core…. just saying…!
    Love your colourful home; it is a reflection of you…!

  4. Your home is sun-drenched all year long – beautiful! I could be at home with yellow as I love the sun. Your visitors are fortunate to be in your home. How wonderful to be surrounded by things you love instead of things that only impress others. Thanks again for sharing your home!

    • One has to have a brave and confident heart to surround oneself in colour. But the rewards are great if one is strong enough to leave beige and white behind and follow the yellow brick road to Oz.

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