PARISIAN CHIC … a style guide


Ooh La La.  This is the little red book that is a guide ” to looking cool, chic, stylish and above all nonchalant, as only Parisians can” – Vogue.

I’ve spent delicious morning with Ines de la Fressange and this book that is the ultimate guide to Parisian chic.

I’m making notes.

Building a wardrobe around only seven affordable basics.

Secret Paris hotels and restaurants.

Secret Paris for  unusual places.

My cafe au lait sat untouched as I explored the wonderful world that is Paris.

Parisian Chic  is more that a book.  It is about a state of mind.   Read it and you’ll know why Parisian woman are the most elegant woman in the world.   It could just change your life.


7 thoughts on “PARISIAN CHIC … a style guide

  1. Virginia, I love your book club recommendation ! Like you, Ines de la Fressange is fabulous ! Very witty, too. T. (I think she’s working on the Schiparelli re-launch. . .I’ll throw on my Nancy Drew thinking cap.)

  2. I must check this one out! Wasn’t there something about how French women eat for pleasure and don’t get fat? I like style and not fashion. And I must check out seven affordable basics. I am sure you could offer tips of your own!

    • The book you are thinking of is “FRENCH WOMEN DON’T GET FAT’. Indeed French women know how to live, how to arrange scarves and how to eat without gaining weight. PARISIAN CHIC is the book you’ll appreciate because it is about style and not fashion. It also a guide to shops, places of interest, cafes, restaurants. It even has a lovely feel to it. A book you would enjoy tucking into your purse to read while enjoying a solitary cafe au lait in a quiet cafe. V.

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