A house filled with dreams and memories is a perfect house.

An accumulation of thoughts collected  in a tangible way.

Memories to hold close.

Memories to share with others.




Decades of memories spinning out their days.




Open me.  My memories would love to meet you.




We have such wonderful stories to tell you.




Calico cats and  mice.




Victorian dolls that are terribly nice.




Kitten pretty in pink.




Picnic dishes in a heap.




Naughty little dolls with nothing to wear.




Tall giraffes at a country fair.




Angels, bunnies and merry-go- rounds.




Story books where tales abound.

In this perfect house when the  dark sets in.

The parties, picnics and frivolities begin.




In this perfect house   there are memories that fly away.




And memories that always stay

Outside the cabinet

Close to me in every way.





18 thoughts on “CHRONICALS OF A PERFECT HOUSE … memories

  1. You always know how to take my breath away with your blog.
    Love the naughty little dolls with nothing to wear.
    Miss you my far away friend
    Love Donna Hall

    • Childhood memories of both my children, and mine in this magic cabinet. It is interesting how many adults as well as children like to look into the cabinet of memories. I love to share it Tin Man. V.

  2. I live in Ventura, CA, which is known in our county for vintage/antique shops…I can get lost for hours, looking at the unique things that once had a story (or two, or three…) to it. The Pinocchio book caught my eye!!

    • That was my very first book. It is at least 75 years old. What is amazing that it is still around after several moves by my parents and countless moves by myself. But then I have always been rather possessive about books.. even when I was very young. V.

  3. Oh, Virginia, this was magical! It reminds me of the knick knacks I brought home after my Mom passed away and the memories that came back to me. Thank you for sharing and bringing her even closer to my heart! xoxo

    • I keep thinking I should clear a bit of this away – but what would go and what would stay. Impossible decision so it all stays. And that suits me just fine Lauren. xoxo V.

  4. What a wonderful peek into your memories! So many items that I had to go back and back to see the details. I remembered the doll with pink feathers – seems I got one at a carnival. The words matched perfectly – “…memories that stay outside the cabinet.” We keep the things that make us happy and your house is perfectly happy.

    • You are absolutely right about the doll with the pink feathers. They would have them at fairs and carnivals – generally on a long stick. I was mad for them. My younger sister found most of these dolls at FAO Schwartz in New York, and various antique stores in Winnipeg, Man. The tiny dolls were a favorite of mine. I would buy them for 5 cents each at Woolworth ‘s then spend hours making doll clothes for them. That was the start of a love for sewing that still is an important part of my life. V.

  5. Imagine what this little house is like in the middle of night! I bet it’s a hustling, bustling place. Or perhaps you’ve witnessed the action at 3 a.m.? I love the kitties and the books. Let’s not forget to mention the naughty little cute Kewpie dolls and tea sets, along with the Bobbsey Twins book. Did I spy faux fruit? Beautiful. Thanks for the lovely break! T. (What’s around the little kitty cat’s neck? A bell?)

    • The so sophisticated gray cat sports a silk tartan ribbon with a tiny shiny bell and a miniscule face of a cat. Indeed that is tiny faux fruit and vegetables Theadora. Perfect picnic fare for the teddy bears. V.

      • YES. If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise
        If you go down in the woods today you’d better go in disguise
        For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
        Because today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic

  6. What an enchanting look into your delightful cupboard.. and it almost looks like they have arranged themselves where they love to sit (or stand) the most. And what a stunning shot at the end.. c

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