alice and box

It’s rather like going down the rabbit hole – this Thrift Shop treasure hunting.  One simply jumps in and the fun begins.

Sharp eyes are required to ferret out the gold from the dross.

To find the  brand-new pink linen Max Mara jacket consorting with   black polyester jacket from Le Chateau.   It’s not my size but it would look fab on my dear-to-my-heart friend Amy.   How can I go wrong at four dollars.

When you’re in the rabbit hole it is a good idea to always look up.

Way way up on the top shelves.

To find the second treasure of the day.  Three gorgeous Panama straw hats dreaming  together and ignoring the gray clouds and rain.    Magenta, red, and black hats and just one dollar each.




Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador from the pleated leaves of the toquilla straw plant.    Originally they were shipped first to the Isthmus of Panama and from there to the rest of the world.    Now you know why they call them Panama hats.       Glorified since the 19th century the Panama hat is considered the prince of straw hats,   or in this case the princess.


My beauties simply called out to be dolled up.  Spiffed up and tricked out to become the soigné of all Panamas.   I riffle my trunk  filled with ribbons and trims.  A red Panama will be crowned with an enormous red rose and trimmed with a little grograin ribbon.   A hat to wear on the beach at Cap Ferrat.





A black Panama speaks of Paris  and late night supper.    I trimmed it simply with Chanel inspired ribbon.   A hat for Deuville should be able to go to the beach or to  the races.






When a hat is pink it should speak of romance.  Of  lingering looks across a crowded room.  Of dancing on the beach  under the  stars .  Gray silk flowers the colour of moon light caress this hat of love.




All you have to do is follow me down the rabbit hole.   Have tea with the Mad Hatter  and dance in the moonlight.  All it takes is a Panama Hat.


  1. What a beautiful post! Where else could one find thrift shop fashion and a history lesson? You worked magic with the hats – lovely model too! I love thrift shops also even when I travel. Well done! I’m inspired.

    • Oh good. Another fellow thrift shop hunter. I just love sharing the results of treasure hunting. It has skewed me forever for paying full retail. Although my motto is..”shop high but buy low”. Let me know if you find a fab treasure.

  2. Shopping. I also love the historical tidbits!! What AB-FAB hats. If only they could talk! Do you think they belonged to one person? Well, now they do. Beauties. I think the black one with Chanel touch is my favorite. Fetching, too. I’ll apply a few drops of “Nuit de Longchamp” by Lubin, and then we’re off to the races! Dreamy post. T.

    • Generally the items I pick up at Thrift Shops are previously owned, but these hats were brand new. That’s why they were a big score at $l each. The black Panama thanks you for Nuit de Longchamp and so do I. V.

    • Generally the items I pick up at Thrift Shops are previously owned, but these hats were brand new. That’s why they were a big score at $l each. The black Panama thanks you for Nuit de Longchamp and so do I. V.

  3. The Tin Man LOVES thrift stores and especially those with vintage clothing………putting on the different hats, coats and especially the mink stoles and strutting about the store becoming different characters to entertain the other shoppers. I have sooooooooo many wild and wonderful costumes from thrift stores. My friends always ask: “Did all that come out of YOUR closet??!!?”…….of course in Tin Man syle I always answer: “but of course, my dear! When I decided to vacaste the closet there was so much room I needed to fill it with something!” Someday I MUST blog about all the marvelous, ancient and magnificant Catholic priest’s vestments I have collected. When we had our art gallery I did a showing of all my Catholic artifacts and guests told me it was better than the Vatican tour. Halloween was always my best holiday! XXXOOO I LOVED your post.

    • It is the thrill of the hunt – for very little dollars – that has me addicted to Thrift Shops. I have made fabulous buys. My most recent was a large book (in a beautiful case) on Japanese art. I paid $2 for it and found the book on line selling for $300. I collect vintage white ironstone pieces and have never paid more that $1 or $2 for a platter or bowl. Vorgomoa

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