TARTE AU CITRON … lemon tart … I can’t believe I’m not in Paris


The l6th Arrondissement has always been a retreat for the wealthy.  It’s the largest arrondissement in Paris and is filled with the most marvelous markets.    It is here the opulent President Wilson market sets up twice a week.  Lavish stands of game, meat, cheese, fish and flowers  beguile you at every turn.  Daughter  and I did not know where to look first …  at the  market stalls or at the shoppers.  Watching the elegant Parisian woman shopping for tempting delicacies was an experience in  itself.


Observing how they tied their scarves my daughter and I immediately retied our Hermes scarves.   The double knot that insured your scarf would not slip off.   We wanted to be elegant Parisians shopping  for this evenings dinner.



This recipe for TARTE AU CITRON  is at once so rich and lemony it puts all other lemon pies and tarts in the shade.    Make it and you’ll bring Paris home and into your kitchen.


11 thoughts on “TARTE AU CITRON … lemon tart … I can’t believe I’m not in Paris

  1. I have decided that I am moving in so I don’t miss a tarte like this in the middle of the week.

    “you do the cooking honey and I’ll pay the rent.”


    • Not to mention a marvelous pucker on your tongue Celi. I feel the same way about scarves. I keep my eyes open for vintage scarves at thrift shops and have found some glorious ones. – never paying more than a $1. V.

  2. Oh that’s a tasty looking treat : ) We need something summery now when the weather is so bleak. You look like the picture of Parisian sophistication with your scarf tied just right! Lovely lady and lovely post…thanks for sharing the special memories you had with your daughter. You make me want to book the next flight to Paris for sure. I don’t speak the language…so I’ll need an experienced guide…do you know where I can get one???? Especially on with a snazzy scarf lol. wink wink. With great affection…..your friend Ginny : )

    • Ginny the movies and books have couples in love going off to Paris. I will tell you from first hand experience – the very best person to go to Paris with is your daughter or a very good woman friend. Paris really is a city for woman. The elegance, the sensibilities, the opportunity to linger over ancient paper and books, beautiful fashions, magnificent museums and art galleries. One doesn’t need to speak English – simply be polite and happy and say yes when a courtly Frenchman offers you a glass of champagne.
      XXOO V.

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