Soup, beautiful soup

“Soup of the evening,

Beautiful soup!

Who cares for fish ,game, or any other dish?

Who would not give all else for two pennyworth of beautiful soup.”

The Mock Turtle sang the praises of soup in Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland.

When you are tired and a little grumpy a bowl of home-made soup will make the world seem just a little brighter.  This is the perfect recipe for those who really have little time to make nourishing  soup from scratch.    I promise you this recipe, for sublimely  comforting tomato soup,  the ultimate nursery soup, is so simple to make you can have lunch or supper on the table in 25 minutes.

EASY TOMATO SOUP AND GRILLED CHEESE CROUTONS  has just a few ingredients and practically makes itself.  Make the cheese croutons and a tossed salad while the soup is cooking.  Voila  –  supper is ready.



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  2. I did swoon on this one…….saffron, orzo and San Marzano Tomotoes……not to mention those beautiful croutons!!! Your photos are so marvelous. We may, at times refer to you as Madame Tortoise since you teach us so well. Your sauces have finally left the Emerald City on their way to the Canadian Countryside. XXXOOO TM

    • Living in the Emerald City does inspire one to great heights – one might even say balloon height TM. Although I do have a delicious recipe for Tomato Basil soup on Mrs. Butterfingers, inspiration for this tomato soup came from the Singing Sangster. She is not on the top of her game these days and I thought a delivery of THE EASY TOMATO SOUP would work wonders for her and restore her to good health. So I will remove Toto from the basket and fill it instead with nourishing soup. XXOO V

    • I actually thought I should call this recipe “Tomato soup for those who hate to make soup”. It is almost as easy to make this recipe as it is to open a can of soup. The flavour is heavenly. The cheese croutons divine. As you have now probably gathered I am quite besotted with this soup. V.

  3. Oh, Virginia, I love your photos and I can almost smell the soup cooking and those croutons, yikes! We usually have grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, but your croutons sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! xx

    • I just printed the recipe and will let you know how it went! I don’t have a passion for cooking, but my goal this year is to try 1 or 2 new dinner recipes each month. My whole family is tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol! So, wish me luck! xx

      • You have other passions Lauren. Your poetry takes me away to lovely places. I hope that you will find recipes on Mrs. Butterfingers that your family will enjoy. For the most part the recipes I choose to write about are ones that are easy to follow and above average in terms of flavour. You should want to make them again and again. These are recipes that aren’t designed to show how clever you are in the kitchen. I don’t have any time for that chichi attitude. They are recipes that are tried and true, and filled with what I call “family values”. Unfortunately most food blogs – and they are beyond counting – are filled with mis-information, incorrect recipe instructions, and some are down right revolting. Let me know how you dinners go. V.

      • Thanks for your kind words about my poetry, Virginia, and I love your “food” attitude. I’m not into intricate recipes, maybe for baking, as that has been my passion passed down from Mom. But I want a dinner recipe to be pretty straight forward. I will keep you posted. xox

  4. Well you’ve almost got me falling off the vegan wagon again my dear friend. Your posts should come with a warning label…..could be hazardous to your willpower lol.Going to try out some more muffin recipes for our snow day at home today. The boys have been gobbling them up as fast as I can make them : ) Oh and they took a big batch to Scout camp. LOL. XOXOXOX G

  5. As a Veggie, I would definitely make this with a vegetable stock, or even just an extra bit of garlic. The cheese toast is another thing. Sometimes I use yeast flakes.
    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

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